Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tequila Sunrise

Here's a scene from the high school reunion portion of my novel. Did anyone go to any of their reunions? If so, tell all. Thanks for reading!

“Hey Em,” yell Michael Wharton, a boy I dated for three weeks one summer. I hate to say it, but love did not last because I couldn’t stop hearing “We represent the lollipop guild” every time I saw him. Shallow, I know. I am forever biased against short men since my rejection by Jon Anderson in the 7th grade. I wrote him a note with the requisite boxes of yes/no/maybe asking if he wanted to go together. He checked maybe in social studies which turned into a no by language arts. I made a wish that he would stop growing, and he never made it past 5’2. Michael towered two inches above Jon, but still, I towered above Michael in heels. All I recall from our brief love affair hitting him with a pillow during Tequila Sunrise, the scene where Mel Gibson is yelling at someone for something. Seems like some good foreshadowing . .

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I have woven a parachute out of everything broken." William Stafford

Cocktail Hour
Jodi, my beautiful dear, you are right -- Better Made rules!

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

I believe I can see John Ricci, enjoying his view from above.

the walking man said...

Has there ever been a day in your memory where you did not live it and come away with a story to tell? I never once even wore a cap and gown much less went to a high school reunion.

But without the heels shrimpy you would still be PD just a slightly shorter one.

Charles Gramlich said...

I only went to my five year reunion, because I was in town. Never made it to any of the others.

jodi said...

Hey Babe, I abhor high school reunions. High school wasn't 'the best time of my life' and I don't wish to relive it with people I no longer see or care about it. Boy, do I ever sound harsh...xoxo

Tim said...

I went to my five year reunion, that's the only one. Never cared to see most of the people I went to school with after graduation.

Anonymous said...

Going to an unofficial reunion at a bar in Detroit very soon. A small intimate group, but 3 ex-girlfriends will all be there as well as one I'm seeing again currently...


But it could be worse--they could be on the blogs too. Nice to have at least that degree of separation, the lovely fido that reality can be bites enough without them being exposed to these elements.

Heff said...

I made the attrocious mistake of going to my 20th H.S. Reunion.

Quickly remembered I hated High School, lol.

All the people I LIKED back then, I still keep up with, so there was really no point in going in the first place.

Having the hottest babe in the place on MY arm was pretty cool though, lol !

John Durben said...

Ironic you post the people mover - I just came home from a 5 day trip to Detroit and rode it everyday to COBO Hall and back. I stayed in the Courtyard across the street from the REN CEN.

Lana Gramlich said...

5'2"? I used to dream of being 5'2". Now, instead, I have a reacher-grabber thing, for times when Charles isn't around. <:\