Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dead Man's Party

Hey guys, another novel excerpt -- tomorrow a review of Is Life Like This? by John Dufresene. Thanks for reading!

“Well, it couldn’t be any worse than that bar you took me to on my last visit. It was like drinking cheap liquor in a dark closet,” Hank says.

“Yes, that pretty much sums up Tudges,” I say. Tudges has all the aforementioned charms and a regular Wednesday night karaoke, the highlight of which is a middle-aged Eastern European man dressed in a white suit who performs at least ten songs from the Frank Sinatra catalog.

“Well, Michigan seems like a dream to me now,” I say, quoting the great Paul Simon, husband of Edie Brickell who I used to see play at UNT with the new Bohemians.

“I wish,” Hank says.

I frown. No one need trash talk my great love. “Great lakes, great times,” I say in a voice that tires to replicate the Pure Michigan ads. And then in an attempt to change the subject, I shift to Halloween. “I'm planning a straight up Halloween party since we’ve had a Devil’s Night and Day of the Dead one. Thought about doing a come as your favorite dead person, but decided that was tired. Instead, we’re doing a come as the person you wish was dead. A lot more dramatic tension.”

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Perhaps in the lower frequencies, I speak for you?" Ralph Ellison

Cocktail Hour
Movie reviews coming soon . . .

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Tuesday! Thanks for the suggestions and yes Mark, borrow away! And as for pretty pretty Jodi, you do just fine without any of the book -- your tales are wonderful! (But if you get the chance, check out Anne Lammott's Bird by Bird. You'll love it because you love her. She's the bomb, yes?)


R's Musings said...

Love those last two lines. That could definitely make for an interesting party! I loved Anne Lamott's Bird By Bird, too. I should dust off my copy and get a few inspiring reminders. My writing brain seems to be coming out of deep storage...scary!

the walking man said...

I always loved the getting used to the smells coming out of the mens room as they wafted through bars like that. Somehow the stink made the Karaoke more bearable.

This one is going to hit the ball out of the park PD.

Charles Gramlich said...

come as the person you wish was dead. Wow, now that could generate some excitement. I can imagine a few "xes" dressed up. and armed.

Jason said...

Michelle, you so scandalous!

Lana Gramlich said...

I love the idea for the Halloween party. Very cool!