Thursday, August 19, 2010

Twenty Answers

Hey everyone, I'm in the last few miles of a big writing project, so today I'm opting for the facebook 20 things you don't know about me prompt. I don't really ever get on facebook so here goes, as spontaneous as I can be --

1 -- I love commercial with stuffed animals doing adult things with a good soundtrack. Thank you KIA!

2 -- I grew up in a neighborhood with an autistic girl named Michelle. Everyone called her Little Michelle. Her dad shot the entire family several years later. My mother commented: Nobody ever washed their hair in that family. I knew bad things would happen.

3 -- I love to give presents. It makes me even happier than receiving them even though I love to receive them as well.

4 -- My Aztec zodiac sign is the Death, something I share with my friend Sharon.

5 -- If my body could look any which way, I would choose Christina Hendrix off Mad Men.

6 -- A lot of my hair fell out after my big washout surgery. For almost a year, I wore clip on pieces from Walgreens. This was not the best look.

7 -- I abuse Comcast On Demand. Seriously.

8 -- I love Woody Allen, even after the Soon-Yi debacle.

9 -- Like the Pewabic pottery slogan, Life really is worth living in Detroit.

10 -- I don't like to go to bed too late, don't like to get up early. Fear of missing something -- umm, no.

11 -- I love my readers, fellow writers, and all the supportive messages I receive. The world can be a harsh place -- it's nice to know some fellow travellers.

12 -- Cleaning makes me so happy. I'm not proud of this, but it's a harmless perversion.

13 -- I'm kind of a mess. That's okay with me, but it took a long time for acceptance of that fact.

14 -- I hate the smell of airplanes, particularly when boarding. It always makes me feel like crying.

15 -- My favorite sounds are church bells and sirens. This pretty much sums up my life.

16 -- I'm not very brave about physical things like skydiving, surfing, etc. I prefer to sit on my ass.

17 -- Above my desk, I have the Janis Joplin tarot card on my bulletin board. She represents the Tower, nothing left to lose.

18 -- Everyone thinks their friends are the best friends anyone could have, but in my case it's true.

19 -- I used to worry a lot. Gave up that habit. It can be done.

20 -- I collect decks of tarot cards. My favorite so far is The Wizard Of Oz deck.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"You expect far too much of a first sentence. Think of it as analogous to a good country breakfast: what we want is something simple, but nourishing to the imagination." Larry McMurtry

Cocktail Hour
Memoir suggestion: Born Round Frank Bruni

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Thursday!


Tim said...

Good luck with the writing project Michelle.
Love the list!

the walking man said...

12 and 13 are story tellers conflict

Charles Gramlich said...

I wish I could learn to give up worrying. I've got to work on that.

Jill said...

This made me love you even more! :) Jill

jodi said...

Bella- Ditto the Christina Henrix body thing. She is unabashedly feminine. And I, too, lost my hairline from medication and made good use of Hair U Wear Phoney Ponies! xoxo

Heff said...

Lol @ # 18 !!!

Lana Gramlich said...

I'd always wanted to illustrate my own tarot, but DAMN! What an undertaking. The decks I already have will do nicely.