Sunday, August 08, 2010


My least favorite event as a gymnast was the balance beam. This competed mightily with the vault which I hated as well. I knew a girl who broke her neck on the vault which gave me significant pause as I thought about throwing myself over it. But the beam was a bit worse -- four inches on which to twirl and spin and flip. You had to do a mount and a dismount (self service humor, make up your own joke) and you had to do a balance pose like a scale. This didn't bother me as I could hold the same position forever. Movement was always the difficulty.

I hear the term balance thrown around all the time, and I use it myself in my more new age moments. But what the hell does it mean? To do something well usually requires throwing yourself out of balance. Writing is the place I struggle with this the most. When I am writing well, everything else is faltering. Everything becomes material which is the sign to me that I'm in the zone. I overhear conversations and see things with a clarity I usually lack. As narrow as that zone is, it sometimes reminds me of the balance beam. As a compulsory exercise, it sucks. But in optionals, you can do your own tricks which is a lot more fun.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"It's a wonderful day and I feel great." Ray to his buddy Mr. Hunt in Hung

Cocktail Hour
Esquire has a list of fifteen bars you must try before you die, a bar bucket list so to speak? Any nominations for our own list?

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Sunday!


chris said...

M did they happen to mention a bar by the name of, Above the Cliff which is located on the lovely island of St Croix USVI . If they did not mention it,would you please put a bug in the editors ear. Almost open here for biz. Take care and be safe in that small town you live in.

the walking man said...

Whenever I find myself "balanced" I take thirty mg of Valium and 1000 of something else. I'd drink but I have that little problem of not getting any of the desired affect.

See Michelle, I have learned the ins and outs of this writing thing pretty well.

the walking man said...

Oh yeah...YOU are definitely of that new age crap. I know your entire CD collection is made by the Muzak Corporation. You are so new age you are converting all of your vinyl to CD and running it through their program before it hits the shelf.

How's that Marvin Gaye elevator muzak working out for ya?

Charles Gramlich said...

Your comment about being on the beam reminds me of the same kind of concentration when you're running flat out on a motorcycle and the wind is tearing at you and every little nuance of the road is the size of a beam in your eye.

Lana Gramlich said...

I had great balance as a child & loved the beam--but then again I was a runt who was barely a yard tall. I grew up loving my roller skates & spending HOURS on them--on the streets, when I couldn't get to a rink. Now I can't even look up or down without the world spinning. Kind of ironic, no?