Sunday, August 30, 2009

Save The Whales

PETA, an organization I'm well, ambivalent about at best, has done it again with the degrading ads -- the last one is aimed at fat women in the most umm, tasteful fashion ever. Save the Whales, the billboard says, next to a large woman in a bikini. The text urges women to go vegetarian to lose weight. I admit that PETA has brilliant marketing strategies -- women in lettuce bikinis, women feigning sexual acts with vegetables, incendiary comparisons that get them lots and lots of press. While I question the integrity of the aforementioned ads, they don't offend me the way the Save the Whales one does. Why is it okay for our culture to be so incredibly fat-shaming? To support a bullshit billion dollar diet industry? Because we feel so bad about ourselves in general that poking fun at someone who doesn't look like Kate Moss is life-affirming?

I hate the way that society measures women's success on their weight. God forbid, you eat what you want and be healthier than most thin women I know. God forbid, you let yourself go, whatever the hell that means. I'm all for looking however you want to, wearing what you want, and showing your body in whatever fashion you see fit. While we need to worry about saving the whales and every other animal, let's try to be kinder to our own gender instead of drowning in a vat of self-disgust while we tie weights to our feet to help hasten the process. Nobody, it seems, needs to push us out to sea -- we're already there.

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Anonymous said...

I hear ya Michelle. I understand all of this. I can't even buy health insurance cause my dimensions exceed their limits. Ain't that a bitch? I make enough money to pay for health insurance every month out of my pocket and no one will even let me. I would have a better chance if I had cancer than being overweight. What a country!


Anonymous said...

I've lost 50 lbs. since Jan.1 and I feel great! My tennis game has improved immensely! Tennis, amyone?--Pancho Gonzales

chris said...

Well M,I see that you are still looking as Sexy as ever. After your last post I think it is all natural,maybe a little working out.

I will be the frist to admitt that a very large robust woman does not do a heck of a lot for the imagination,but there are plenty out there who find it attractive.

PETA, put a large on a billboard talking about Whales. They have done very minor good and I belivev they are nothing more than assholes. I support the cruelity to animals issues but these fools are clowns. I would think the fat woman on a billboard is just cruel and rude. Some people can't help some are happy as they are. Just do not be heavy set and sit around and complain about it. Don't worry be Happy.

Charles Gramlich said...

That is pretty disgusting. I'm glad Lana hasn't seen that ad yet. I'm sure it will piss her off as well.

Whitenoise said...

Although I'm not a PETA fan, I think I disagree. There are other layers to this metaphor- over-consumption, self-control, living calorically within one's means on an over-harvested planet...

Scott said...


Peta, like a lot of other such organizations, may have the right ideas at heart, but their approach and methods are stupid, to put it diplomatically.

Have a good week, Darlin'! :)

the walking man said...
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Mandy Erasmus said...

We need more voice like you out there in the world! Thank you for this post. As a large women who is both happy and healthy, I thank you for your generous spirit! I like your blog!

jodi said...

Girly, How come they didn't use the pot gutted dude that designed the ad for the picture? Cuz it's okay for women to be judged by those very backward standards. We are supposed to remain goddesses(after birthing the babies) while forgiving the schmucks/guts that will later leave us for the insipid 20 year olds with the hot bods, who will then leave them for a hot, young guy after they go thru their cash. Which then leaves us free with the love of our children,to find us a strappin', young stud in which to toy with.... So, tell me, who gets the last laugh? xoxoxo