Thursday, August 13, 2009

From Backwaters Press!

Hello Friends of The Backwaters Press,

The time is rolling around for our fundraising banquet and shiveree! Woo woo! We are planning it right now but we want to outdo last year's great party at Greg Kuzma's house in Crete. This year we're hoping to have a place downtown (we're still negotiating) in Omaha with lots of space indoors so we don't have to worry about the weather. We are planning on a date late in October but that's got to be confirmed yet and we will get the word out as soon as possible. We have asked the Omaha band The Black Squirrels to play and they will be there. They are awesome!!

Last year we had a silent auction including lots of cool artworks and many rare books and manuscripts. We are hoping to outdo that auction this year and I would like to ask each of you to help out with a donation of some really expensive and irreplaceable family heirlooms. <------ humor. Ha ha, just joking. But if any of you have an item or items that are of value that you would like to donate to help The Backwaters Press continue to publish some of the finest poetry and writing about poetry in the US today, I would really appreciate it and I know the members of the Board of Directors would too.

The Backwaters Press was officially granted non-profit, 501-(c)-3 status by the IRS about two months ago, so any donation that you make will definitely be completely tax deductible, and the press will give you a letter certifying that you have donated that dollar amount, which you will be able to itemize as a charitable donation on you income taxes. If you would like to see the letter, the press will be happy to provide a copy of it to you. So keep those Ming dynasty vases and the Jackson Pollock paintings rollin' in folks!!

We are hoping to receive donations of art objects, small antiques, rare books, etc., or creative gifts like tickets to the opera or an all-expenses paid trip for two to Europe-- that kind of stuff. Be creative! Heck, we'll even settle for a donation of 10 shares of Berkshire Hathaway stock-- well, even as little as one share is OK.

This year the whole silent auction shootin' match is going to be coordinated by the press' incredible volunteer, the fabulous Ms. Cat Dixon, so please direct any questions, etc. to her at

Thank you all so much, and especially those of you who helped with donations last year! Because of your help, the press was able to publish 16 books last year!

All best,

Greg Kosmicki
For the Board
The Backwaters Press

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Happy Thursday!

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