Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Holy Ghost

Hey guys! Hope you're having a good week. Here's some shots from my hometown, Mineral Wells, Texas. I'll be back with another blog today -- working on a summer writing plan so I don't know what you'll get -- maybe something on the South Carolina governor and his "crossing the line" with a variety of women and what his pastor calls a "descent into darkness." His e-mails alone are so very hokey and just for the record, no one should use the word "soulmate." Ever.


the walking man said...

That's it, I AM convinced...I am moving to Mineral Wells. I've lived through Kwame and Conyers as leaders...How much worse of a job could the Holy Ghost do?

Scott said...


Cool pics! Not as good as ones of you, but...:)

Jill said...

Michelle, you're fantastic. :-)