Monday, May 18, 2009

Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide

Thanks for all the comments from last week! Been thinking about the Carrie Prejean comments and actually agree -- she had the right to say what she said. Everyone does. I don't believe someone should ask a question (ie, Perez Hilton) and not expect an answer, one with which he may potentially not agree. As for her semi-nude pictures and breast implants, no surprises there. She's in a beauty pageant, not aiming to be the next Marie Curie. The fact that she's now a spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage doesn't bother me; I think their ads are so ridiculous and ill-conceived (A Gathering Storm, anyone? Gay people fall out of the sky and ruin our lives!) that she seems suited for this work. And she looks pretty good naked. Better, dare I say, than Perez Hilton? Conservatives love a hot woman who talks their party line. For a long time, they've had to make do with that horsey Ann Coulter -- bad face, great legs. But now they've got a new face, one that looks more like a model, less like Secretariat.

I've never been a huge fan of marriage of any kind, but I truly believe in civil liberties. I don't follow strict party lines -- I believe we should be able to have guns, abortions, legalized drugs, and gay marriage if we so desire. I don't agree ethically with all of these things, but I do believe we are smart enough to make our own decisions without government interference. Before speed limits, you'd see signs on the road that said, Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide. No matter what our disagreements and opinions, I hope we can remember to be kind, to think about who else is on the road, and to still be ourselves.

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"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences of too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." Thomas Jefferson

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Charles Gramlich said...

I agree. people should be allowed to speak their opinions. Even if we don't agree with them. I just can't see why anyone would really give a damn what this woman thinks. Certainly not enough to make such a huge shitstorm about it.

Cheri said...

If this was 20 years ago I'd be getting married because I got knocked up. I think though that there is a certain degree of social stigma still attached to being a single mom. A friend, well now an ex-friend, recently said to me that he's sick of hearing about my phlight and that I brought it all upon myself and that I don't deserve to live off the government. That required me to become Mega Bitch Cheri and tell him where to shove it. By him saying that it gave me insight into seeing that people's perceptions of unwed mothers hasn't changed much in the years, as radical and liberal as things have become. Same with gay marriage. It hurt and angered me that someone that I cared about could say such a thing to me; plus it was done cowardly on the internet on my Facebook page so that EVERYONE could see it. Some 300 people. But I said fuck it and have let it go, as well as the friend. People are entitled to their opinions and it was his choice to express it that way.

Anonymous said...

their, not there...

- your friendly grammar checker

Wil said...

Well spoken. Horsey Ann Coulter. Man, that would be a grudge fuc... yeah.


Scott said...


I agree completely.

As for drink recipies, do you know any that involve rum?

Nice pic, as usual...:)

jodi said...

Hi Sweets, Charles nails it. Who the eff cares what she thinks or says? I say within limits, do whatcha thinks is right. Oh, had some wonderful Patron margaritas last weekend. Usually make 'em with Sauza but the Patron rocked 'em smooth! xo

the walking man said...

The Last Word on a Detroit cocktail that's old-school
Chill cocktail glass.

Fill shaker with ice.


1 ounce Tanqueray 10 gin

1 ounce Luxardo maraschino liqueur

1 ounce Green Chartreuse herbal liqueur

Halve and squeeze a lime and throw half of the lime in the shaker.

Shake for 20 seconds.

From Chris Brock, DAC Beverage Manager

This was in yesterday's Free Press...apparently it was made in Detroit for the first time in the speakeasy days.

Which by the by I think everyone should do with their opinions Speak them easy.

Heff said...

I disagree, as some people are just too damn stupid to use their own judgement, although that could be a good way to "thin the herd".