Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Here She Is, Miss America

I wrote about Carrie Prejean, Miss California, before the nude pictures surfaced and her tiara was threatened. Sufficed to say, she remains not the brightest -- her recent comparing of Perez Hilton to Satan when Focus on the Family asked about the question was, well, giving a tremendous amount of credit to Mr. Perez. He may be many things to many people and while I believe that ex-lovers can call you Satan, I really don't think Mr. Perez fits the bill for all the horror that is the fallen angel, leaders of the demons, etc. Miss Prejean, however, did some modeling that shows her nipples (pause for collective gasp!) and now she has been redeemed by someone a little more Satanic that Perez H. if only for that hideous comb over, Donald Trump. Mr. Trump sagely commented that we're in 2009 and that we can't expect our Miss Californias to be perfect.

I find myself slightly horrified that I agree with the genius who came up with The Apprentice, but I do. Would Jesus approve of Miss Prejean's pictures? How the hell would I know? But I do know this -- you can pay for fake boobs so your contestant has a better chance of winning the dog and pony show that is a beauty pageant and yet there are moral standards this person is supposed to live up to? Really? What is the difference between parading around like a trained monkey in a bikini and showing the goods for money? The pageant officials are living in the same rarefied air as Larry Flynt as far as I'm concerned. I admit to enjoying a frisson of schadenfreude when the pictures surfaced. Who wouldn't? But surprise? No. Not really. Do I have a problem with a Christian posing for risque pictures? Obviously not. We each answer to our own conscience. What is not a sin for me may or may not be for others. The Bible says that. Perhaps this is the verse that Miss Prejean needs to study before doing any more interviews.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
“Nothing makes one so vain as being told one is a sinner. Conscience makes egotists of us all.” Oscar Wilde

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Anonymous said...

Nippless"!!!!!!--Short bus and Special

Scott said...


I felt the same as you about Ms. Whats -her-name...the U.S. needs to get over the whole nudity -is-a-sin thing already. And Perez Hilton is Satan?? I think that Satan would be offended by such a remark, LOL.

Nice picture...I found a Santa Muerte candle at the local grocery store today, of all places.

Take care!

the walking man said...

I didn't see any nipple! I knew I needed new glasses as I suppose so does Ms. California.

the walking man said...

The sign behind you says in part:

"Nino Atocha burn for freedom from punishment sin and guilt"

Are you buying Ms. California a candle perhaps?

jodi said...

Dear Michelle, who give a eff what that girl has to say, or Perez either for that matter. Good God, that a couple of doorknobs like that, get to be quoted in the news!Boggling! xo

Heff said...

The WHOLE "Perez Hilton episode" was a setup to begin with. You can't ask someone their opinion, and then frown upon their answer if you don't like it.

chris said...

I got to go with you Heff. If she had answered in a rude manner,I could then understand Hiltons attitude.The freaking question should have never been asked.

My God she did recieve alot of publicity for one goofy question.

As for Nudity,that depends who is watching ? I know I would not like Perez looking at me,thats for damn sure.

I read your stuff alot M, but I am still lacking in the writing dept. Take care,be safe in that big old city.