Friday, May 08, 2009

Friday's Child Rides Again

Hi Readers! Here's a paragraph from Screen Test. Thanks for reading!

My favorite day of the week has always been Friday. When I was a child, it was the day my daddy got paid which meant Beth and I would load up in his pick-up truck and go to the Taco Bell for lunch during the summer months when school wasn't in session. These days were looked forward to with great anticipation (no fried bologna saucers!), and even as I got older, Friday remained the same -- the day I went out with Hank for the KFC buffet for a late lunch, or got off work early with that Friday feeling in my heart, knowing that I'd put a solid week in and feeling suddenly lighter. Friday is all possibility, money in the bank, a weekend ahead of you.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I like the prop food so much that I eat it between takes as well as on camera.” James Gandolfini.

Cocktail Hour
Drinking movie suggestion: In the Loop.

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Friday!


boneman said...

I have long thought of eating at a restaurant as a sanctuary.
Whether a full meal, or just coffee and pie, moxnix.
It was a place for reading a favored book, writing great words, even designing future paintings.

I envy you your Fridays.
Now-a-days, being far out in the cornfields, the 'sanctuary' scene is only a bird coming by to greet me.
Not that I mind birds.

Only that they don't fetch a fresh cup of coffee everd=))

Scott said...


I understand the 'Friday feeling'...although I don't get it very often, as I work about 3 out of 4 Saturdays out of the month. Still, that one Friday a month instills that feeling you expressed here...nicely written.

Cute picture, too...though I prefer your more recent photos. :)

Charles Gramlich said...

Even cowgirls love Friday!

the walking man said...

Without the Saturday through Thursday, trust me, Friday becomes just another day of grass growing, paint drying, porch sitting, peanut butter eating, evolution.

Tim said...

Love that picture Michelle!
I always get that Friday feeling, even on the Fridays when I have to work the weekend. Something inbred from my school days I think, when the weekend always meant freedom.

Anonymous said...


jodi said...

Hey Girl, So that's how you look in bangs. What an appropriate look for the two tiny Texans! I too love Friday. Seems like a free pass till Monday.

R's Musings said...

I always loved Fridays when I got off work because we had two whole days of freedom! Woo Hoo! Are there really Taco Bells in Texas? I would think they'd be outlawed with all that authentic Mexican food to choose from! lol