Thursday, February 05, 2009

Sweet Diva

Hi readers! I didn't post yesterday because of technical difficulties (and no Mark, I haven't killed the camcorder yet -- today might be the day) and post-partum depression from finishing my manuscript. Does anyone else feel this way when you finish a big project, ie, strange, out of sorts, tired and fussy, at loose ends? Please tell me I'm not alone in this!

The good news is that my dear friend Priscilla has a new blog (or an existing one that she has resumed) about all the important stuff in life: perfume, books, music, and being a girl. I met Priscilla in graduate school when we showed up for our very first meeting with our teaching mentor wearing identical dresses. All friendships should begin this way -- I highly recommend it. I have spent many a good time with Priscilla (and no, I will not disclose the crying in the backseat of a car story where our respective then-significant others dumped our drunk asses one night in total frustration) and I urge you to check out her blog. Since I don't have a scanned picture of the two of us, I'm using the above picture because that's what we kind of look like. I'll be back at you today with some new writing because God knows I need to start something new.


Charles Gramlich said...

I often go through something similar when I finish a project. It was the worst after I finished Cold in the Light. I don't think I wrote a think for something like 4 months.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Brooks:

So what's the next step with the manuscript? Find a publisher? Having never written anything worth publishing, I woudn't know.

All I know it that I am interested in reading what you have written!

priscilla said...

I've been writing that blog for over two years, and it's still not ready for prime time. Good grief. Thanks for the (much undeserved) publicity.

I'm pretty sure that Barbie setup in the pic depicts one of our actual nights out on the town, like the night we drank margaritas at Mercado Jaurez and then went to a party where everyone accused us of being on drugs. Good times.

the walking man said...

So your saying you haven't smashed the picture taking thingy yet? Seems to me to be as good a way as any to get over the blues of having finished a rather large project. Get rid if the troublemaker..destroy it, damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead or is it damn the speed and torpedoes go boom!.

Maybe what you need is what a good friend of ours calls a "writing prompt"


Here is mine:

You're going out on the town with your friend, when you arrive to pick her up she's wearing the same dress as you. Tell me how that led to the party scene depicted in the photo.

jodi said...

Sweetie, Although I have never finished a "writing project", I do feel that way after painting a room. Nut, huh? xo

Lana Gramlich said...

I breathe a huge sigh of relief when I finish a painting. The painting process often involves some stress, so I'm always kind of glad when I'm finished.