Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Last Supper

Hi readers! The above pouty face is in response to the fact that I made a Bloody Mary video last night and cannot for the life of me get it posted. I hate technology issues! But maybe I will manage it tomorrow and maybe I will smash the camcorder into a million tiny pieces. Here's an excerpt from Second Day Reported. Back at you with the trapped drink recipe as soon as possible.

Where I grew up, almost all the kitchens had a poster or painting of the Last Supper by the dinner table. One of the more unusual renderings was in black velvet which I would run my fingers along when no one was looking, all those apostles glowing in the dark. My parents didn't have one so I thought this a tremendously exotic touch to any dining room decor. When we were little girls, Angela Dawn and I used to walk around her parents' trailer park after playing a few rounds of croquet with the tiny plastic set her father had put up, talking about what our houses would look like when we got older. We both agreed that we'd have the Apostles in our kitchen. We both agreed that we would not live in a trailer. And that we could eat Jell-O and Jell-O only for dinner if we liked because in our first grade lingo, it had, like, no calories or fat. Years later, we'd trade tips on how to throw away our dinner food while our parents weren't looking -- alas, our eating disordered tendencies started early. Then we'd have a contest on who could read faster -- Angela was athletic as a colt, eerily smart and stunningly beautiful, but I always won the reading contests. It was nice to have one talent.

Years passed, and I moved away to college. She had a nervous breakdown and had to come home. She married early, and my then-beloved and I visited her and her husband in their trailer, the trailer she swore she would never have. I looked around at the hideous orange shag carpet that she was swearing she'd replace and saw what she had done to make things nice. I smiled -- there was The Last Supper! I'd forgotten about our promise. Her husband chewed his tobacco and spit it into a cup while watching professional wrestling on television. His name was Joseph, and although he seemed like a Joe or Joey, nobody called him anything but the most chaste spouse of Mary's name. I felt as if I'd slipped into a bizarre funhouse mirror of our childhood dream. For dinner, she served baked chicken and instant mashed potatoes, but only played with her food as she'd done for as long as I'd known her. Then she produced dessert -- grape Jell-O. It's all I eat, she told me. It keeps the weight down. It was the middle of summer, but she presented me the most perfect Halloween gift I had received up until then -- a hand-poured luminous jack-o-lantern candle that glowed from the inside. I knew you'd love it, she said. And I did. We lit it up and watched the shadows dance all over the small space, all over the faces of the men who were sharing one last meal with Jesus who would save them, the seeds of betrayal already in the picture.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I live and love in God's peculiar light."- Michelangelo

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Anonymous said...

My aunt Genevieve had a bas- relief of the last supper on the side of her casket. She was dressed in a red suit. Her hair was perfect and I put a jar of Red Pelican mustard in with her for the journey and for the last supper.--littlemarchy

the walking man said...

There are always things we vow in our arrogant never ending youth that necessity forces to the wayside.

I wonder if Judas vowed his never yielding devotion to God before he had to find and fulfill his adult destiny.

This "Second Day Reported" appears similar in that hope and promise and dreams given in childhood, taken away by a much to early maturity.

Well done Brooks. Well done my D princess.

OH yeah if we're voting I say smash the thing with a hammer, if nothing else it will give you the thrill of the ultimate victory over technology.

Charles Gramlich said...

An excellent exerpt. It really introduces you two and your relationship, then sets up a dynamite hook at the end. I would rather like to see a black velvet painting of the Last Supper. I know just the painting you mean, though not in velvet.

Scott said...


I love the quote at the end.

My Grandma, who passed away tonight, used to have pictures of Jesus and of the Last Supper in her home. They always kind of creeped me out for some reason...I'm not sure why. I've always felt uncomfortable in churches and such...maybe I was killed by the Inquisition in a past life or something. Whenever I see a picture of the Last Supper,I always remember my Grandma's house.

Take care.

Jason said...

If you are having problems with Youtube.com, try Vimeo.com. They generally have better looking videos and no file size limits either.

Lana Gramlich said...

I've had problems with video through Blogger, myself. The only thing I've found that works is to upload to YouTube, then embed in Blogger. Good luck, regardless!

Cheri said...

I always said I wanted to be married and "do it right" when it came to having a family. Hah! Makes me think, Michelle, and want to write my own piece about something similar.

jodi said...

Hey Missy, We always had crucifixes, dried palms branches, and a BIG bible around growing up. My Aunt always had that spooky iconery that I will write about sometime. xoxo