Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Burn After Reading

My deep and abiding love for the depressing comes from my parents. I didn't realize this since they were, on the surface, both cheerful and funny. But their book collection is straight out of Kafka -- not one book that isn't somehow disaster-themed or murder-based. What can I say? The apple doesn't fall far. Besides the mandatory copy of The Road Less Travelled (untouched by the looks of it and even Scott Peck all but abandoned his success as a new-age guru to explore the existence of demons), all I can find out about are people's near death experiences or the trial of Cullen Davis.

There's a picture of me and my sister as children where we hold candles in front of the fireplace. She's looking pissed off as the wax had dripped on her and hurt her. I'm mesmerized by the flame. Fire, that violent transformation, the story of the phoenix and all that. Lately, I see ads that say, I Am A Phoenix, touting the University of Arizona's on-line program. Here's to that idea for the modern age -- that we can reinvent ourselves and rise again in another form for another day.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I've just been really lucky to not be too much of a stereotype." Marisa Tomei

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Drinking movie suggestion: Henry Poole Is Here

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Happy Fat Tuesday!


Cheri said...

Scarlett and Rhett are just so terrible to each other. Makes a helluva story though!

Vympel said...

out of context ... i love this film soo much ... i would ask for your critic about it ;)

and thanks for sharing your thoughts ... i really appreciate

Anonymous said...

Considering these tough times there are more autodidacts than phoenixes.--The Professor

Charles Gramlich said...

The only book we had in our house growing up was the Bible. But it had plenty of violence and sex in it.

the walking man said...

I am tired, done re-inventing what never worked in the first place. This "modern age" is neither modern nor a remarkable time.

That a depressing enough corner for you kiddo?

Robin Konarz said...

I had had enough depressing drama as a child when my mother's friend, who had been dating a married man for years, moved in with us after my dad left. I didn't need depressing books. No. This woman introduced me to trashy romance novels with historical settings, as well as eavesdropping on sexy phone calls to exotic places, further enhancing my escapist tendencies.

dave said...

Dr. Brooks:

I've been thinking lately of moving to Phoenix. I am sick of the cold and slush of the Rust Belt and look forward to reinventing myself in a warmer climate.

Your post is a message from God, I think, that I am on the right track.

Or, at least, it's a meaningful coincidence that I will use to justify an irrational act.

It's all the same, ultimately.


Scott said...


I know that especially in movies, I (for some reason)like the ones that have bad or ambiguous endings. Most of the horror and sci-fi films from the 70's had not-happy endings...maybe it's a reflection of the time in which they were made.

I hope you're having a good week...take care!

Laura Benedict said...

Why does Madonna suddenly come to mind? She could be the patron saint, don't you think! xo