Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Stranger To Nothing

A Stranger To Nothing

The first time I tried to leave my husband,
I broke my kneecap, felt it crumble as
the thin blade of my rented skate went
out from under me. It wasn’t a big love.
He was someone to do things with while
my insides rotted away with thoughts of my
rape years before. My leg healed, I got away,
found a big love, a man as accessible as the dead
are, less in fact, told myself that it was okay.
You can’t get everything from one person.
My mother said that. She didn’t even try and her
divided heart never healed. She became accustomed
to the ways of darkness, the light that shines in it.
Forget everything, the darkness says. Try nothing.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
“It's an eerie thing. My childhood is being washed away.” Richard Simmons

Cocktail Hour
Drinking sociology study suggestion: Girls On The Verge Vendela Vida

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Wednesday! A special thanks to the beautiful and brilliant Laura Benedict for the shout out! I'm going to discuss her wonderful novel next week -- watch for it, my honeys.


Charles Gramlich said...

"it wasn't a big love." Kind of sad when that happens, but it is reality.

the walking man said...

Adapting to the reality of present life is a curse of the individual's senses in that reality.

Anonymous said...

Any time you need a carry out just let me know.--Mr. Whipple

Anonymous said...

Jeez, my stuff is exhilirating after ready this.--Albert Camus

Anonymous said...

She doesn't buy enough stuff to need a carry out, Mr. Whipple.--Artie the bagger

Anonymous said...

The narraotor in "Dirary of a Mad Housewife" is in love with herself. Doesn't know how to use symbols, too.--Short bus and SPecial

Lana Gramlich said...

Could you ask Richard Simmons how he washed his childhood away? I'm still struggling with that one...

laughingwolf said...

stark reality should not interfere with valid dreams, michelle

chris said...

Walk into the light my child, or I hope your eyes udjust real well.

Does big love exist? Or is it just waiting for the newness to wear off so one can settle into a routine.

Always dreaming, I can't wait to take the leap into other adventures. There is an old Muddy Waters song, Aint never satisfied.

It is funny that you mention Richard Simmons. Since they have given us our Gym pass back, I have been hitting the cardio pretty hard, and have had the thought of doing a work out video. I could call it sweating like an oldie.

One more little thing, it does look like You need to eat more, what a sparse shoping catr.