Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

My best friend Angela is getting married. Any wedding advice for the new bride? The last time I got asked this question myself was about ten years ago at a bridal shower, the first and only one I ever went to in the fair city of Detroit. I said something about not giving up anything you felt passionately about because you'd resent it and the groom wouldn't remember your sacrifice in time. But now I don't know what the hell I'd say. So I leave it to you, dear readers! I'll be blogging from Mexico for a week during the blessed event so there should be lots of great pictures, mostly involving the wicked demon rum/tequila/etc.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Unjust. How many times I've used that word, scolded myself with it. All I mean by it now is that I don't have the final courage to say that I refuse to preside over violations against myself, and to hell with justice." Lillian Hellman

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Drinking movie suggestion: Short Cuts

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laughingwolf said...

no better advice i can think of than your earlier one...

have fun in mexico, michelle :)

Laura said...

Since I'm on marriage number 3, my advice probably isn't worth much. But here goes...

--Never say, "Does this make me look fat?" because, if it does, he might tell you.
--Wear pretty underwear.
--Don't be jealous.
--Tell him your secrets--but not all of them!
--Stay out of debt.
--Be nice to his mother. Even if she's a bitch. Even if she hates you. Even if she talks about how much she liked his old girlfriends. She'll always be his mother. Same goes for his sister.
--When he asks what you want for your birthday/Christmas/Kwanzaa, give him a list. He will appreciate it and you will be happy. Also, pay attention when he casually mentions things he might want and then get them for him. He will be happy.
--Go on dates with him even when you have kids or have been married for ten years.
--Let him be your hero!

Blessings and Blessings....

Charles Gramlich said...

Have fun in Mexico. I'm not one to give much advice though. I seldom take it myself. But marriage can't be built just on love. Love is very important, but not everything.

Jason said...

I'm not married, but I have been cohabiting with a lady for seven years and my one piece of advice is don't run away. Unless you are getting beat up, or getting called some exceptionally awful things, do not leave in the middle of an argument. Figure it out, yell to you cry and pass out, but don't leave in the middle of that fight.

In addition, this is one of the most well-composed pictures I've seen on M's Spells. Good job mystery photographer.

the walking man said...

I kept feeling a tickling on my leg, now that I have seen the spider I know what caused it. Let it be 'til the spider tries to bite, then smash the fucker.

laughingwolf said...

laura, that's amazing!

Anonymous said...

The family that prays together stays together.--Elizabeth Taylor

chris said...

Good Lord,It is hard to add to Lauras list. Well if memory serves me correctly, you had told me he was younger, Well the last four women in my life have been older and as a Conway Twitty song went, I loved em everyone, but only married one of them.

--Privacy, Respect it, I never did like sharing a bathroom at certain
Invariably She will get tired of common things before he will.
Michelle, you are correct, you should not have to give anything up, you need to take each other as you currently are.
--Money, keep seperate bank and checking accounts, you should both be listed on each others account for emergency use,Stay out of each others account.
Decide what your monthly bills due are, each of you split it 50-50. Give a little, take a little there, remember to still share.
Don't fight over high utlilty bill's etc, they set the rates and there is nothing you can do about it.
When you are working on something that the other person does not have very much knowledge on, take the time to explain what is going on and don't be snappy or bitchy about answering questions.
Laura, I have to laugh does it make me look Fat, That has got to be the all time stupid question to ask your Spouse, you can't begain to think how many time I wanted to reply, you have Two eyes open them and look at the Two Axe handle wide ass, are you blind. But I somehow refrained.

Lana Gramlich said...

Enjoy Mexico! I'm envious.
As for bridal advice, I'd give the same advice to anyone, bride, groom, homeless person, President. Be real. Be genuine. Be yourself. Always.

chris said...

Michelle, be safe and Mas Tequila.
Try Patron silver, chilled with a little salt and lime.

Scott Oden said...

The only thing that comes to mind is: "Don't do it!" . . . but then, I'm a curmudgeonly old divorcee and confirmed bachelor ;)

Have fun in Mexico! Take plenty of pics!

Anonymous said...

Coming up on 55years of marriage what can I say except it is one hell of a roller coaster ride with its ups and downs and flat outs but worth it in the long run. Love, frendship, companionship, giving one another their space, their own identity and definetly their own bank account makes things work. At least for me.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Marriage sucks. It's better for artists to avoid it at all costs. Is your friend a writer like you? More importantly, does she look like you? Mike

Cheri said...

I still have your copy of Shortcuts. =D