Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clothes Left Behind In Hotel Rooms

Clothes Left in Hotel Rooms

You miss them, that’s a given.
they represent carelessness, passion,
what you once were. Maybe you
don’t think of yourself that way
anymore, as someone who tucks
things away and forgets them because
who wants to think of all you’ve
lost? Not me, not today. I’m going
to be the person who finds something
someone threw off in a fit of joy
and didn’t mind losing and I’m
going to think, it’s a miracle -- this
fits me, even if it is a little big.

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"You can have either the Resurrection or you can have Liberace. But you can't have both." Liberace

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Drinking book suggestion: Normal Amy Bloom

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chris said...

For some reason I just don't see myself wearing the black panties, some thoughtfull Lady left behind on one of My last trips.

Sexy looking they were, but not my style. I missed the t shirt I left behind once, but I think I was packing hungover.

Not me, not today. I hope you are the person who always finds something. Positiveness is a hard act to follow. Keep up the attitude I like it !

Charles Gramlich said...

Very nice piece. I liked it.

the walking man said...

This does trigger a flood of memories and thought. I always figure that if I lost it...*shrug* I really didn't care enough about it to guard it.

Brian in Mpls said...


laughingwolf said...

groovy, and farkin faaaaar out! ;)

Laura said...

I love this!

When I was traveling this week, I worked out at a gym in Cincinnati--In the women's restroom I noticed a pair of black thong panties lying on the floor of the handicap stall. (I wonder if some woman is scattering black panties across the country? Performance art, maybe?) When I got done working out, I found that someone had slid them over to the next stall. How weird is that?

I draw the line at wearing other people's underwear. And when I lend underwear to people, I hope never to see it again!

You're my blog post today!!! xo

chris said...

Laura, Performance art is what we shall call it. Hell I might even visit her exhibit, if it exist.

My twisted mind likes the way she thinks, leaving them scattered around the country. Maybe in her mind she is the object of many of mens fantasies, always on the tease.

"I draw the line at wearing other peoples underwear". Yes I do as well, I guess my reply to someone who would want to barrow my underwear would be, have you ever heard of a department store ???

Catch you later, great follow up. I will be checking out your blog in the future, as well as Michelle's.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous poem! Thank you for posting it. You are a wonderful writer. Mary