Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mercy Is The Highest Value

Hi readers! I spent the evening in the company of my good buddy Cal and the wonderful man pictured here. I'll be writing about it tomorrow at length as soon as I have some time to digest the entire experience. Hope you're having a great Tuesday!


the walking man said...

Gandalf the White.

Anonymous said...

Talk about far out three ways!!!--Huge Hefner

chris said...

Gandalf the White, your killing me, ha,ha.

Michelle since music seems to be a major part of my life,I rewrote an old song.
Doctor, Doctor, gimme the news, your readers got a bad case of reading you, no pills gonna clear our heads. Etc, I'll have to finish later. I know it is sappy, but what the hell , I am an old gray beard.

I have 5 new guys today,they all have way to high expations for this place, so I guess I'll break them in easy.

laughingwolf said...

so that's santa, after dieting? :O lol

Billy Angel said...
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