Sunday, June 01, 2008

A Different Story

Was watching television late last night and saw Padma Lakshmi, an actress and model (not to mention chef), but I knew her best as Salman Rushdie's ex-wife, the last in a line of many and the press deemed their union ever so generously as Beauty and the Beast which must have pleased Salman as much as having a fatwa on his head for all those years. And in an odd bit of synchronicity, I saw an article on Salman today about his woes with the ladies. "Girls want a wedding, not a marriage," he wrote. "Love is unrealistic. When you fall in love, realism goes out the window." As for Padma, she dedicated her latest cookbook to him one week before leaving him, proving that public acknowledgment sometimes signals the kiss of death for a romance. Witness Jodie Foster -- after acknowledging her long-time girlfriend for the very first time in a public speech during their fifteen year relationship, she left her mere months later.

I've read a lot of Rushdie's work and have no use for his beautiful scarred (a gorgeous long cut down her arm from a car accident) ex-wife's cookbook. But she seems like his intellectual equal in many ways and the Beauty and the Beast comments totally off the mark. Who wouldn't want to be married to the author of The Satanic Verses? All kidding aside, she dedicated a bunch of recipes to him which is better than nothing. If my mother is to be believed, anyone can follow a recipe. Whether or not they want to, well, that's a different story, one that's likely to cause trouble in some corner of the world at the very least.

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I used to say, 'There is a God-shaped hole in me.' For a long time I stressed the absence, the hole. Now I find it is the shape which has become more important.
Salman Rushdie

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chris said...

Afriend of mine last night at the bar ask what I thought about being married.
With My wife standing there I placed the palm of My hand on his forehead and pronounced him healed.
I figured with a name like Christopher, which I had seen somewhere, Stood for Christ like.
So I tried to heal him, I don't think it worked.

We all luaghed includind my wife. One must be secure in them selves as well as friends with each other before they tie the knot.

You will still drive each other crazy from time to time but that is life, It has been almost 10 years and we still haven't had a fight yet or taken part in hallway sex, That is where you pass each other in the hallway and say FUCK YOU, as you pass by.

laughingwolf said...

happy sunday to you, co-winner! :)

Charles Gramlich said...

To show you what a geek I am, when you said padme I started thinking Star Wars.

rohit said...


you are fantastic!!!

a kiss for you, my dear friend!

god bless u dear

can we exchange our link

r u ready to do?

Anonymous said...

Go Wings! Beat the Pengs!! Win the Stanley Cup for the fourth time in eleven years!!!! We're Hockeytown!!!!!--JLCGULL

Raymond Valentine said...

Rushdie is one of those guys who writes about imperfection so well, that I think that may be a hint about his social skills. There's a number of very sad (though humorous) stories in East, West that kind of paint him as someone who will never actually BE as happy as he makes others with his writing (excluding Muslims apparently). It must be that whole grumpy old artist with insight thing.