Sunday, April 06, 2008

Damage Deposit

Damage Deposit

We are forced to give back all our keys, even
the ones we made ourselves, instructed to leave
as few traces as we can, although there are stains
that won’t come out from parties that didn’t want
to end, shadows of white where pictures hung. I fear
we won’t get anything back, that we have been here
too long. After we leave for the last time, I realize
that I didn’t make a final check and have left a chain
and some garnet stones in a bathroom cabinet, gifts
that I never got a chance to wear, wondering who
will find them, red against all the worn antiseptic
white, the only evidence that things were not always
the way we left them before shutting the door for the last time.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"I've played three presidents, three saints and two geniuses - and that's probably enough for any man." Charlton Heston

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Drinking movie suggestion: Thirteen

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Happy Sunday!


Anonymous said...

You finally made it to the promised land, Mr. Heston. RIP proud native of Helena, Michigan.--Oscar Winner

Anonymous said...

Yipes, stripes! Beechnut's got 'em, if you know what I mean.--Rodney Dangerfield.

Anonymous said...

The contrast of the red and white in the poem goes well with your outfit in the photo, Michelle. Well done!--Herman Northrop Frye

Anonymous said...

The successive clauses in the opening five lines of the poem well reflect the sense of "prolonging." Of course, you have a wonderful paradox at the end, in which the finality of the closing door is not so final because something grand, symbolized by the garnets, is left behind, much the same way Heston's films left behind ameliorate the sadness of his passing, showing us once again that life can be transcended by art. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and especially meaningful poem, Michelle.--Cleanth Brooks

Anonymous said...

Correction: Mr. Heston was a proud native of St. Helen, Michigan, not Helena. Oscar regrets the error.

Lana Gramlich said...

This reminds me of a huge amethyst I'd put into one of my potted plants & forgot about before I gave the plant away when I moved here. <:(

the walking man said...

God; I hope I can remember where I put all the keys and who I gave spares to before I have to split. They'll keep the security deposit of course, but that's ok I don't really need it anymore, but I wish someone would forward the small jewelry piece to my granddaughter.



Brian in Mpls said...

I love it

Joe said...

Great picture. Great poem. It put a little pep in my step this monday morning.


Charles Gramlich said...

Another good example of how your work seems to have so much going on behind the scenes.

JR's Thumbprints said...

The only deposits I've experienced lately are the ones on the bottom of my shoe.

Anonymous said...


jodi said...

Hey Hottie, Loved your poem. You are one of the only women in the word who EASILY gets away with wearing horizontal stripes!

justin said...

i have left so much destruction behind me, i hope that someone's god will give me enough time to make it many names and faces, i have left pieces of me in dark dark places.