Saturday, September 22, 2007

That Which Is Seen

Dear readers,

Here's the Saturday photographs. The theme is folk art, part of a series about found religious objects. Happy Saturday!


Ropinator said...

good pictures

Pikey said...

i think i saw u guys taking that first pic

paul said...


the walking man said...

That woman in the red turbin better be careful or someone is going to think that blue roe is hiding something or the police may think she is soliciting. Either way she should move it along, maybe send an e-mail to her family if she's running out of money or something.

eric1313 said...

I've been totally diggin' found art, outsider art, and of course, poetry from the Michelle's Spells website. Traded Singleton a pair of my old stonewashed Levis (29 inch waist!), a copy of All My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers, and SRV's In Step and a hand written copy of one of my poems for one of her painted drawings, and a buch of Corona and Mich Light beer bottle caps painted with eyes, peace signs, flowers and butterflys. A good trade, I thought, since everything I sent was replaceable, but I could never do the things she does with her art.

eric1313 said...

She makes hand painted and tailored cut-offs with the pants. She had a Levis drive a month back and the peeps all sent her stuff from everywhere, Vancouver BC, to her patrons in Israel who pay mucho bucks for her peace drawings.

JAM said...

I really like all of the photos.

It looks like Detroit has plenty of off-beat things to photograph, right in line with your writings here.