Monday, October 23, 2006

Darkness, My Name Is

In the list of scary things to do, I'd have to put playing Truth or Dare with a group of drunk adults right up at the top. When parties become inward and all talk of psychic self-defense and other lives ceases, the partygoers will often turn to the shock of the real to add a jolt of pain and excitement to an otherwise dull gathering. I've learned all sorts of things that I would have rather not about people looking to avoid the dare option. Even worse, the dare options usually involve kissing someone, taking off a piece of clothes (I will confess to a partial striptease --this was many many years ago involving lots of whiskey and an LL Cool J soundtrack), or plain idiotic (usually involving eating really awful foods). All in all, I'd rather talk about my past lives, but of course, nothing is the past, as everyone who plays any kind of game knows all too well.

Michelle's Spell of the Day

"Darkness, my name is Denis Johnson,/and I am almost ready/ to confess it is not some awful/ understanding that has carried me here." Denis Johnson

Cocktail Hour

Drinking television suggestion: Breaking Bonaduce (This has to be my absolute favorite guilty pleasure. It's on VH1, and the second season starts tonight.)

Benedictions and Maledictions


Things are not what they once were;
a given. You have looked back one
too many times, and I have failed to make
the requisite sacrifices. Our relationship
does not seem ideal to anyone. You have
heard all my stories, the ones about what
went wrong in that dangerous land of troubled
childhood. I am territory that you no longer
choose to fight for. Don't cast your eyes down.
You know, if only for this once, I'm right.


Bonnie said...

Honey I hope you saw D Bonaduce, it was so good and Post-Modernly Spanish language. The poem is exactly true. Luck to your little Tigers, Angel
kiss kiss

Laura said...

Truth or Dare. yes, that is very scary. I remember playing that game in my youth. I wouldn't want to play it now-a-days. Too many things I'd rather leave unsaid.

Sheila said...

I hated that game. It sucks although I came up with some pretty funny dares for people to do. haha

RVW said...

Hi Michelle - was doing a search for that Denis Johnson quote and landed happily on your blog. Thanks! I wanted to ask a writing favour of you for a website in Scotland. Is there a way to write to you privately. Great quote!