Monday, July 28, 2008

Unnoticed By The Angel

One of my friends once said that when things got bad, she fantasized about living in one of those storage units, the ones for all that stuff that you think you need and will probably never use.  "It would be so simple, Michelle," she said.  "I could get away from everything."  

Everyone at that lunch was cracking up in their own peculiar way in the middle of Don Pablos over an unappealing group of sauces known as an appetizer medley.  I sat amidst cigarette smoke and the watery sodas -- the waiter had long since gotten that doomed vibe from our table and had stopped asking us if "everything was all right" since it just wasn't.  After many minutes, we finally got our check from someone else.  "Who was taking care of you?" asked the new waitress.  And even though we none of us ate much, all of us ended up paying.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
Latest fortune cookie -- Your charm had not gone unnoticed by the angel.  (No idea what this means, but it sounds good.)

Cocktail Hour
The Last Rose Of Summer
1 shot of vodka mixed with rose water and lemonade, served over ice.

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Monday!


chris said...

Yep,You are most definately the Temptress, Looking great as usual.

Did you know that SRV once lived in a shipping container behind one of the bars he played at.

Lana Gramlich said...

This post is brilliant & sad. The drink sounds lovely, in some kind of strange contrast.

Anonymous said...

Noticed or unnoticed, that wine bottle looks familiar.--Rodney Dangerfield

Jason said...

Actually soon, she could live in storage unit: Container condos to be built in Detroit.


okay, i officially fucking love your blog. keep writing, dude. i TOTALLY wish i dared to take such sultry pics of myself. xxoo suzanne finnamore (yep. THAT one. thanks for mentioning my book, btw!)

Charles Gramlich said...

The urge to simplify rears it's head. I've said many times that I wish I could live on a desert island. These days I'd like to have Lana along, though.

the walking man said...

"Everyone at the lunch was cracking up in their own peculiar way..."

Once one is cracked there is no longer a need for a shipping container to get away from life's complexities...all one need do is turn off the phone.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Hell, nowadays you can have a POD (Portable On Demand) Storage Unit delivered to your driveway. That's what my neighbors did (we hadn't spoken to them in months, after the boat incident), and shortly thereafter they had disappeared.

Cheri said...

Undertones of Raymond Carver... love it!