Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Capture Radiance

Hi readers! This is what I imagine might be the first section of the memoir. Thanks for all your reading, comments, and great suggestions.

I used to get paid to take pictures of accidents for a newspaper and later I realized I was an accident and started taking pictures of myself. The accident photographs, the first batch, that I got paid for, well, they weren't very good. I said I could use a camera in the interview which turned out to be a lie. I could lie with the confidence of one who really needed a job. I had to learn to operate an ancient Mac computer with all those computer-friendly icons. About being user-friendly, that was something I knew. When people touched me, I stayed quiet. To speak of a thing was to make it true.

The camera I used weighed heavy around my neck, its weight pushing my neck down, a feeling I was used to a tad bit more than I wanted to be. I liked pushing the camera's button, liked being in the middle of what passed for action in our own small town. Once I took pictures of firecrackers standing in Possum Kingdom Lake. My friend Angela Dawn drove us there and as we waded into the water, a small snake swam by. Tiny by most standards, but still there. And I knew from my mother, the smaller ones were more dangerous as their venom had not dispersed throughout their body. I snapped many pictures that night -- almost all of them turned out completely black. I realized how hard it is to capture radiance. One turned out okay; it looked like a magical dandelion in the sky and it ran on the front page of the Mineral Wells Index. That's when I knew a comforting and horrible truth -- it only takes one thing to make a big difference.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"The past is what you remember, imagine yourself to remember, convince yourself to remember, or pretend to remember." Harold Pinter

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Drinking movie suggestion: The Dark Knight

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Lana Gramlich said...

You're so right about the "one thing" making a difference! Thanks for sharing this bit of your life. It's quite interesting!

Charles Gramlich said...

How hard it is to capture radiance! Your stuff is always full of such beautiful lines. I like that very much. Great picture as well, looking into a fragment of mirror with other fragments scattered underfoot.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the snakes want to capture just one thing.--Voracious reader

the walking man said...

Though qualified with a maybe, I think this would make a wonderful final entry as well as a good beginning. I'd consider using it n both positions.

Anonymous said...

I know the prosecutor is out to get me now. She's playing the race card.--Kwame

Anonymous said...

"A comforting and horrible truth"--that would be an oxymorons!!!--Short bus and Special

Anonymous said...


laughingwolf said...

'one thing', nearly as good as 'one person'....

dharmabum said...
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