Friday, July 22, 2011

Freaks and Geeks

I have loved James Franco since the days he played Daniel on the short-lived, genius beyond belief show Freaks and Geeks. He was fantastic as Harvey Milk's love interest in Milk, made Howl watchable. So what if he sucked ass at the Academy Awards? And has the audacity to enroll in (gasp) an MFA/Ph.D/ blah blah blah prgram? Why does Salon hate him so? I read his Playboy interview (he didn't create near the snafu/fubar of John Meyer's which is nice) and then I saw an article about him on Salon, asking if he is gay and calling him a douchebag with an uneven book of short stories. Okay, Steve Earle's book of short fiction is uneven, but I don't hear people carrying on the way they do about James Franco. What is it about Mr. Franco? Is it the fact that he's my secret boyfriend (when James Gandolfini is busy, because let's face it, he's my real secret boyfriend)? Is this why all the hate?

But in all seriousness, why are some people lightning rods? I've always been curious as to why say, Miranda July, a writer and director, has an entire blog dedicated to hating her, titled creatively, I Hate Miranda July. I like some of her stories, find some of them a little precious, but who cares? Why would anyone expend so much energy on what looks like sour grapes? So readers, do you have any theories about why some people elicit so much negative emotion?

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Andy said...

I liked him in "127 Hours" but have to admit that I only picked up the movie because it was directed by Danny Boyle. Even though Franco is a thirty-something, we can all relate to the dillema of his character in that flick.

Anonymous said...

If you're pompous and self-deprecating at the same time then you're bound to evoke haters. Just the way it is!--El Rushbaugh

Anonymous said...

I think James Franco is Super Sweet and my husband has the TV show Freaks and Geeks on DVD. Very amusing.
I'm not sure why the negative energy is so powerfully prominent as of late, but I do believe it is sometimes necessary. I myself try to find a balance of positive and negative forces in my writing and daily life.... if I didn't I'd end up in a padded room wearing a straight jacket!

-Sheila Marie

Charles Gramlich said...

I'd like to know why "I" elicit so much negativity. Weird.

Shea Goff said...

I don't know if this is right. It almost sounds too absurd to be true, but I have taught it to my son nonetheless.

If he feels anger or hate, or whatever the appropriate negative word of the day is, towards another individual then he must look at himself and find where he and that person meet because most assuredly he will find why he feels as he does.

They say all hatred is self hatred.

As always, thank you for writing.

Anonymous said...

A lot of negativity seems to be culturally ingrained at this moment in time. The current generation that powers much of what we read on the internet was raised during a time of wars on communism (no need, it turned out that it only works on paper), poverty (poverty is only getting wider spread), drugs (the problem, if you can call it that, only getting worse as well...), terror (ummmm, yeah, killing one of them dudes is only going to reveal a 1000 more...), things like a stolen presidency or 2, ultra-polarized politics extending all the way to the prevalent form of media, television, specifically the news which is never free of spin... the list of negative influences that are hammered home time and again goes on and on and on. Not to mention the Lions!! Ugh...

Hope you have been OK. Still pumping the love, right? At least that's positive, something I need more than I knew.

Keith Hood said...

I agree with Shea. It is either self hatred, guilt of some kind, or some deep other psychological motivation. That's the only logical explanation for behavior that defies logic or can only be explained by specious reasoning or by saying "just because."

the walking man said...

A person not beloved by them who make up the vast herd of "THE SCENE" in whatever medium in any given form of artistic endeavor is hated simply because he/she does not conform to the elitist buggery of the group that makes up "the scene."

The discarded one is banished to the wilderness until they fit in the neatly constructed box. Then mayhaps they may get the call for to bow before the adored Lord Scene...until then...

No outsiders allowed or wanted, only the priggish, snobbish, need apply to go through the process of testing to see if you are capable of our intellectual requirements and to understand that we, we of "the scene" are them who by GOD MAKERS KINGS AND QUEENS of simple poor illiterate artists.