Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Hangover

Since the rapture appears to be miscalculated, I have continued to write! And I still have no desire to see the Hangover II. I didn't much care for the first one, except for the great Mike Tyson scene, and will be passing on this one, particularly after reading reviews that make it sound like Same Shit, Different City. Don't get me wrong -- I have an epic tolerance for boredom. When shows jump the shark in the opinions of other people, I keep watching. If not for cancellation, I probably would have watched the original 90210 cast until the nursing home years. Steve, a thirty-five year old playing a high school kid, would be my favorite, trying to kick it with the youngsters during the mandatory happy hour with apple juice in the common room before bed checks. But I digress. The Hangover again? In Thailand? No thank you. I am glad that Zach G. seems to have found a niche role as the village idiot. Not against him getting paid. Or the wonderful Ed Helms who was a comic delight in Cedar Rapids. As for Bradley Cooper, well, he did date Renee Zellwegger. I'm sure he's on his own karma-balancing act even if his acting seems a little dull. To paraphrase, I know Ryan Gosling and you are no Ryan Gosling.

And in the roundabout way, this brings me to Arnold. Yes, that Arnold. Pumping Iron Arnold, the Terminator Arnold. He has now taken the baton from Bill Clinton, previous winner of the I'm Not All That Picky Award. I watched Arnold's squeeze do an impression of Marilyn Monroe's famous Happy Birthday performance. Oh my. What's to say? Again, I know Marilyn and you're no Marilyn. People say confidence is sexy. To which I reply, not always. But alas, Arnold is merely playing out his own version of our cultural hangover which demands powerful men get caught with outside children (to quote the great "Papa Was A Rollin' Stone"). To the people who ask What was Arnold thinking? He wasn't. Like our three hapless lads in Bangkok, he's woken up from a big party and has to piece it together. Don't worry, the press will help sort out the details. And like his famous character says, I'm sure he'll be back to pick up the pieces.

Cocktail Hour
Pictures from the Rapture party to come!

Benedictions and Maledictions
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Charles Gramlich said...

I thought old Bill had chosen a less than stellar paramour. After Arnold I think better of Bill.

Jason said...

This reminded me of you Michelle:

Jason said...

This reminded me of you Michelle:

JR's Thumbprints said...

People say confidence is sexy. To which I reply, not always.

I can't help but reflect on these two sentences. For whatever reasons they've never applied.

Cheri said...

The Hangover comes out each time I'm pregnant. I hope there isn't a third issue.

I don't blame Arnold for sneaking around, that Maria Shriver is one ugly broad.

Anonymous said...

Ever take a good look at Arnold? You're not dealing with a Paul Newman... more like an Alfred E.

Besides, we can't all get glamor girls all the time. Sometimes the pretty ones end up not being more trouble than they are worth.

Gabriella - The Stepford Wife said...

And finally, someone who does not care about Hangover 2 - I respect that!

Scott said...


Reminds me of Hugh Grant, who was married to Elizabeth hurley at the time, and cheated with a less-than-attractive prostitute. You're right; these guys weren't thinking.

Hope you have a great weekend, Darlin'! :)

sage said...

"taken the baton from Bill Clinton, previous winner of the I'm Not All That Picky Award."

Great line!

Lana Gramlich said...

I thought we were the only ones who weren't big on "The Hangover." Like you, we'll be taking a pass on #2. As for Ahnold, he's screwed himself (pardon the pun.) I read a recent article online that made some great points;
1. He's not really a good actor,
2. At his age, the body's not what it once was,
3. His terms as Governator are finished, so,
What could he possibly do now?