Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Favorite Television Characters

Hi everyone! For today's post, a list of my ten favorite television characters in no particular order. Feel free to add!

Tony Soprano -- what is not to love? James Gandolfini, you are heaven are earth!

Archie Bunker -- I watched this religiously as a child. Loved Lionel and Meathead as well.

Lindsey -- Freaks and Geeks, greatest show about teenagers ever written. Seriously. So much better than My So-Called Life and everything else that came after and before.

Ray Drecker from Hung -- a hot man, Detroit, diminishing returns, dashed hopes. If only Ray could get his house fixed!

Hank Moody from Californication -- a writer's fantasy. No, writers usually don't look like this for the record.

Nurse Jackie -- my favorite Edie Falco character ever. She's perfect as the pill-popping trying to be good Jackie.

Fitch from Detroit 187 -- another Sopranos actor makes good! Great series, great fun.

Maude -- And then there's Maude! Bea Arthur rocks as a feminist icon in this terrific show.

Patti Stanger from The Millionaire Matchmaker, my one nod to reality tv. I love her straight-talking no bullshit style.

Jack from Three's Company -- John Ritter was a comic genius. This show is the proof.
See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

These are 100 proof characters all the way

Shea Goff said...

I think John Ritter actually had a hand in raising me during a number of preadolescent years.

Tim said...

Good list Michelle!
Being a guy - and a bit older than you - my list would have to have Steve Austin on it - the Six Million Dollar Man,Lee Majors, not the other Steve Austin. As a kid I wanted a bionic arm so I could throw a baseball the way Steve could, and now that I'm older a new pair of legs with an atomic power pack sounds pretty good.

Charles Gramlich said...

humm, I don't think any of these would be my favorites. They'd have to be Star Trek characters I guess.

the walking man said...

Why Cury Joe Howard...who else could be number 1?

Sean said...

Thanks for a great way to spend a few minutes - thinking of my favorite tv characters. We share two characters, but your choice of Nurse Jackie and Jack Tripper were very insightful!

You inspired me to write my own post. Hope you don't mind. Keep doing great things!