Friday, October 01, 2010

Woodstock and Altamont

Alas, it's the start of October and Halloween month! Any nominations for costumes you'd like to see on the blog? I saw a cute Statue of Liberty outfit -- Give me your poor, your tired . . . I could see it. Also considering a mermaid. Input?

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"If human beings had genuine courage, they'd wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween." Doug Coupland

Cocktail Hour
Anyone seeing The Social Network?

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Friday!


Chris.with.a.C said...

I am assuming we are talking about dressing up Michelle and not Grouchie. I would very much like to see a seductive Alvira mistress of the dark in a revealing black dress trimmed in crimson accents and fishnets. That could be a fantasy I will take the fifth on that one.

Anonymous said...

Halloweed refers back to the Flood like any other celebration of new lights around the world. The inhabitants of Australia, Persia etc. celebrate the same new beginning BUT in connection with their ancenstors.

Who are they? They are the generation before the Flood. All religious rituals, ceremonies etc. over the world trace back to the archetype of catastrophe: the Flood. We are all decendents of Noach.

* I like you pics in worn jeans most!!!


Anonymous said...

why not dress in Uniform at Halloween?

Anonymous said...

I started to write a story now on you and me going to a Halloween party. Me dressed as Adolph Hitler, you as Eva Braun.

gr. totall

jodi said...

Hi Honey, Great pic--your eye makeup is fabulous! Can we be any more secretly bonded? I too am considering the Mermaid thing. I want to be lounging in a giant shell (in a wagon) with R being the fisherman with the hook in me. I may or may not be bloody. OR Hello Kitty may be an option.....

Charles Gramlich said...

What about costuming as a "book?" Perhaps a slim book of poetry, or maybe an ebook reader!

the walking man said...

I have genuine courage. I never unmask.

I do believe the best costume for Ms. Brooks would be ankle length a line skirt, appropriate button blouse with a cameo pin and no makeup with her hair done at a beauty parlor just a wash and comb no tint or color.

hahahahahah as if!