Monday, October 25, 2010

Illness As Metaphor

Hey everyone -- home sick with an evil flu/cold combination. Hate it! I haven't been sick in a good while. I credit vitamins and umm, relatively clean-living. Better Made chips, Dr. Pepper, and fifteen vitamins a day -- America runs on Dunkin', that sort of thing. But seriously, I should be fine for the Halloween holiday and am working on a couple of costumes. I'm thinking Edie Sedgwick after her split with Andy Warhol, right before her death and the Statue of Liberty. Also, some kind of Morticia/Elvira thing. Hope you're having a good Monday. I haven't gotten a case of the Mondays like in Office Space, merely a Monday gone wrong, via exhaustion and sore throat.

So my question -- when do you get sick? Is it predictable times a year, never, when you're tired, depressed, etc? Answer, and I'll be back soon with more goodness and light . . .

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Diseases of the soul are more dangerous and more numerous than those of the body." Cicero

Cocktail Hour
Television suggestion: Detroit 187

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Monday!


Charles Gramlich said...

I fortunately almost never get really sick. I have hay fever in the fall and spring somewhat, but not enough to slow me down much.

Scott said...


I don't get sick at regular times, unless you count allergies.

I vote for the Elvira/Morticia costume. :)

the walking man said...

A cold is bacterial and influenza is viral. The only cure I know of for the evil combination is copious amounts of alcohol mixed in with small but continuous doses of yellow belladonna. Oh yeah Dr. Pepper and Moon Pies for physical sustenance.

Ahhhhfuckingchoooo! Oh excuse me I have to get the snot off the front of my dog chewed hoody now.

corporalski said...

I get sick right after major sugar cravings, followed by my own versions of scarfing Better Mades, Dr. Peppers...yep, white sugar deathwish, GET SOME! Fuckin' A' sugar donuts here I come!