Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tiger In The Master's House

On Friday, Tiger Woods gave a fourteen minute apology for his sexual misconduct. Why I have no idea. Scripted public mea culpas are all the rage, but only seem to make matters worse. See Bill Clinton, Jonathan Edwards, Jimmy Swaggart. Of course he's sorry. He's sorry that his life has fallen apart, his marriage is in shambles, his children will suffer, and bye bye Nike. He says he's let me, as part of the public, down. Really? I kind of hated his public image, that I can do no wrong, perfect life, wholesome bullshit scripted ever so carefully by his agent. Why did he go this route? To please his father, to score Tag Heur? Maybe. But I think it's a little bit more depressing than that -- I think he did it to make money in the largely white, largely conservative golf world. Welcome to the Master's. Or is it, welcome to the master's house? His apology suggests, as angry as he is (and make no mistake, that was one angry ass apology), he still wants a room there.

I know that lots of people of all races do this sort of thing -- live an inauthentic life because they can't take the idea of owning up to their true natures. I myself am guilty many times over, as we Catholics say, by the things I have done and have failed to do. It has nothing to do with being an African-American man. But could he have revealed his true nature (and no, I'm not buying the sex addict bullshit -- try narcissist who thinks with enough money you can get away with anything, also see Jonathan Edwards) and still be selling Mont Blanc pens? I'm guessing no. Is being the world's greatest golfer enough? Now that Tiger is in exile from his first life and on the verge of a second, it's going to have to be a start.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression. " W. E. B. Du Bois

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Anonymous said...

That cheating SOB!--Jordan Baker

Anonymous said...

Yours is the first take on this story that I've liked and agreed with. Thanks Michelle

Scott said...


Not being a golf fan, it doesn't matter to me what the Hell Woods is up to. I do agree, the public apology thing seems kinda pointless...I also agree with your take on his persona. Oh, I did read some parts of John Mayer's interview...what an ass.

Love the essays, please keep sharing them. Have a good week!

-p.s.- Nice pic, Darlin'. :)

Jason said...

I had an uncle who got caught fucking and he claimed sex addiction too. It just seems like something rich people do to explain their sins.

Being a cheater doesn't make you addict!

JeSais said...

I couldn't care less what he did or didn't do... and I don't know why anyone else does either. Respect him for his golf ability. nothing more. He's no hero. He doesn't owe anyone an apology except his wife, and that, as far as I'm concerned is between them. So many more things in the world to worry about than where Tiger does what ever it is he does.

jodi said...

Michella bella, it's all been said about Tiger....Now I think I will go make a

Lana Gramlich said...

I agree w/you, too. Nice quote from DuBois, as well!

Anonymous said...

Not being an Alpha Male, I don't feel qualified to comment.

We Omegas are just glad to get the leftovers...

Whitenoise said...

The tiger can't change his stripes. He apologized because our culture expected it and it's a step towards rebuilding a powerful brand. He'll be back shilling for luxury goods - as a playboy sports icon.