Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ask Raymond Carver

Sometimes you have an inkling of something, a whisper of what is to come and you try to ignore it, the way you ignore a hangover or the coldness in a friend's voice when the relationship is strained. One of the most protracted romantic break-ups I ever had started at Raymond Carver's grave, a situation Carver himself would have appreciated. The voice at the grave spoke in short, declarative sentences (okay, I made that up but still) and told me that a window was closing in on the life I had known.

Carver insisted that he was listed first as a poet on his gravestone which I like -- his poetry in my mind is as easily as good as his short stories. I thought a lot about his life as I sat there, weeping at an ending that was to come. Of course, lots of people cry at graves. I could pass it off as general sadness and did. As a Catholic, I talk a lot to dead people (in all honesty, I did this before I converted). Sometimes I still talk to Carver and ask his advice. He's no Dear Abby, not by a long shot. He made some pretty shitty decisions in his day. I like that in a man. But where he ended up is magnificent -- right on the ocean with beauty all around, a place where you can hear yourself think if you desire.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"It's a rare person who wants to hear what he doesn't want to hear." Dick Cavett

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Drinking Halloween movie suggestion: Misery

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Happy Saturday!


Charles Gramlich said...

a place where you can hear yourself think. That is so important to me, and I finally have it. It just really makes life worth living.

Cheri said...

I hope that everything is alright... I miss you madamoiselle.

Thanks to you I've met the love of my life (thus far).

Scott said...

Michelle, I know what you mean about knowing something bad's copming but ignoring it anyway, in hopes that you're wrong and it doesn't happen...I hate the fact that I'm usually right about bad stuff about to happen to me. I'd much rather be wrong about such things.

I hope everything is OK.
Oh, you'd probably like me...i've made tons of shitty decisions in my time. :)

the walking man said...

Who is Raymond Carver? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha


Anonymous said...

Your name just had to be on my tombstone. Lama lama ding dong.--Hank

poetowen said...

I agree, Carver's poetry is as good--sometimes better--than his fiction.