Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wait For A Mystery Lover

Another piece of Second Day Reported. Thanks so much for reading!

The last movie Edie Sedgwick made before her big split with Andy Warhol was Lupe. The plot, as thin as any porno movie, went something like this -- Edie got ready, put her face on as they used to say, which in Edie's case took considerable time , each eyelash just so, and then she dons an Aztec ceremonial gown and waits for a mystery lover. This other worldly lover never shows up and she overdoses and ends with her head in the toilet.

Andy instructed Edie to vomit for the last scene, but she couldn't. Despite all those bulimics who make it look effortless, it's not something everyone can will. We are not made for such small acts of death. Instead, we carry our toxins with us, swirling around our polluted systems until we can no longer stand it.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"To him who has been hurt, everything rustles." Sophocles

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Drinking movie suggestion: Lolita

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laughingwolf said...

powerful scene, michelle....

Anonymous said...

Even sadder is that Edie Sedgwick suffered terribly from bulimia and anorexia in real life. Her parents admitted her to Silver Hill hospital while she was still a teenager, and later she was in and out of "the bins" (as she said) all her life. Eating disorders plague our culture. Andy Warhol was considered by a lot of people to be insensitive to Edie. She was a beautiful little star--- if only for a brief moment. Thanks to Michelle for writing about her.

Charles Gramlich said...

yes, we let the toxins build until all systems fail.

Laura said...

"To him who has been hurt, everything rustles." Sophocles

So true. And the more hurt, the louder the static. I imagine us all in a crowd, with only a very few who can hear at all. The rest of us are nearly deaf from the sounds of pain--or the fear of being stalked.

This book rocks, honey. Can't wait to see the final shape it takes. xo

Anonymous said...

I wanted the turnpike named after me, but I'll take the bridge.--Andrew Warhola