Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Early Glow Of Love

I saw an ad the other day -- Kids Eat Free At Hooters! I laughed out loud at the thought of it until I remembered that one of my neighbors in Texas, a single mom of a little boy, who went on her first date in years to this place which claims to have "excellent wings." The man took her and her son to Hooters and bought them t-shirts. "It was so magical, Michelle. I never had anyone pay for an entire date before." She brought out the commemorative t-shirts for my inspection, one adult for her, one child-sized for her son. "See! I'm going to marry him." Dear reader, she did marry him. And they still go to Hooters, even though I imagine her son is too old to take advantage of eating free off the children's menu.

Another friend was over during this early glow of love for my neighbor and said, "Don't you think that can damage a child?" And I said no, not really. I don't see how a bunch of skimpily dressed women can be that big of a deal. "Don't you find it depressing?" I thought about it, thought about how lonely my neighbor had been. Love is hard to find under the best of circumstances and hers were not the best -- a propensity for jello shots and unemployment, her food stamps were frequently cut off, leaving them with nothing to eat, not even some excellent wings. And truth was I didn't find it much more depressing than a score of other dating stories I had heard, and my neighbor was the only one with t-shirts to prove where she'd been.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"There's a great relief when you accept the way it is, even if it's not very nice; because the only real misery is not wanting it to be like that." Ajahn Sumedho

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Brian in Mpls said...

Is that Bad Santa playing in the background?

eric1313 said...

Love doesn't bloom every day--not even in a garden of headache-inducing orange spandex. You have to go for it when it happens.

Charles Gramlich said...

This tops the story I tell my students about taking my first wife on a date to Shoney's and telling her to splurge and order whatever she wanted.

Jason said...

1. I imagine going to one in Texas is much different than in MI. I've been to Detroit area Hooters on three different occasions and everyone seemed really sad, from wait staff and customer alike, but pretending to be happy.

2. I once saw a 60-70 year old woman bring her 8-10 year olds into the a Hooters. Short shorts abound, and I couldn't stop staring at this old lady.

@brian: that is Bad Santa, but what book is she reading?

the walking man said...

Can't really comment because I've never been to a Hooters, although I've done many shooters, been at the receiving end of more than one booters, bent over a table or two doing tooters but never been to a Hooters.

And if the young kid never saw his mother naked coming out of the shower or at some other time as two people who share a house do on occasion then I suspect he didn't know what he was looking at beyond a plate of wings, a new T shirt and a new dad in the making.



eric1313 said...

One of my ex's, Jackie, worked there long ago, and she hated the place.

It drove her to become a stripper because at least a cruel owner of the bar was better than a cruel corporation that would suspend you for a week if you called in without a doc's note.

Razzafraggin flesh mongers. Jackie was a lot more than the sum of her parts, yet it's the nature of these beasts to not ever let a girl be more than a dinner item herself.

perv said...

I like your thinking eric.
Her next pic should be in some ripped orange spandex shorts.