Sunday, May 07, 2006

Under Two Dollars

Dear Readers, (how Jane Austen)

I'm so excited by the Detroit Pistons' win that I'm doing an extra post. They beat the Cavaliers by a million points, okay just under thirty, but still. I'm so proud. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Pistons! In this picture, I'm with my only stuffed animal, Baby Grouchie. I also LOVE Baby Grouchie. I bought him at a used toy store and he was in the sale bin, marked "Under Two Dollars." I saw him and wanted him so much that I didn't hesitate, a rare trait for a Taurus. He wears a teeny-tiny pilled t-shirt that says, Love a Grouch. I sleep with him every night, and I tell him how special he is all the time. Also, The Sopranos was excellent tonight. Only three more episodes! I would cry, but I have Baby Grouchie. That's something.


cindy said...


you can cry on my shoulder any time! I'm usually at the Macomb South library between 4 and 6 on weekdays, in the cafe area.
Just in case Baby Grouchie isn't always enough.


Wichita-Lineman said...

The Sopranos was good. I have to say though, that vision (or what ever it was) that Paulie Walnuts had of the Virgin Mary on the stripper stage of the Bada Bing freaked me out. I replayed it (thanks Tivo) and watched it about 5 times and it made the hair on my neck stand up on end. She could even be seen in the mirror behind the bar before he noticed her.

Keith Hood said...

Love this photo. I can see the resemblance the Beth.