Saturday, March 05, 2011

These Boots Are Made For Rainy Days

Check out the cool rain boots/cowboy boots -- it's like wearing a fish pond on your feet! Winning . . .

I've admit it -- I enjoy the winning Charlie Sheen. I never thought about his old show, never saw most of his movies, and considered him an eighties icon, a steady customer of Heidi Fleiss, in love with drugs and sex and really good sunglasses. Now he comes out swinging; other people are trolls, clowns, losers with ugly wives and ugly children. He claims to love money and power and hot girls. I guess what I find most refreshing is the level of honesty in the age of the self-effacing celebrity. What's causing it seems to be the brunt of a lot of speculation -- mania, tiger's blood, warlock ways? Who knows? I'm sure I speak for many when I say that I'm glad that he's off the carefully-trodden publicist-sanctioned rails. Because that's boring. Charlie may or may not be winning, but he's not boring. Although I am mad that ABC bumped Detroit 187 last week for a Charlie interview. Don't mess with my stories, Charlie! Otherwise, we're cool.

Everyone likes a train wreck which explains most of my life choices. As for old Charlie, I suppose suspending judgment has become a way of life for me. Judgment obscures curiosity; it puts you in the driver's seat. Which probably explains my aversion. I'm more of a passenger. In this world, it's easier to speculate than to observe. Decide the course and stick to it. But alas, doesn't all wisdom tell us the journey is the point? Once I saw some flowers sticking up through a drift of snow. Purple petals in twilight on a cracked sidewalk. I try not to forget such sights are everywhere for those who look.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Don't turn your head. Keep looking at the bandaged place. That is where the light enters you." Hafiz

Cocktail Hour
Memoir suggestion: A Box of Darkness Sally Ryder Brady

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Happy Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

Give that big booty a slap!--G. Seurat

Charles Gramlich said...

Considering how old Charlie's looks are going he better make sure he keeps the money if he wants to keep the girls coming.

Shea Goff said...

Purple petals in twilight on a cracked sidewalk.

I think for me there will always be a Michellesque writing. Whenever I see a writer pack a novel into a sentence I will think to myself, oh quite Michellesque.


the walking man said...

I'd rather drive than ride and Charlie boy is not driving now if he ever has been, he's riding and the more he rides the further back in the pack he gets. Keep that name out there Charlie, the more you do the more offers are going to come your way.

chadlybates said...

Haha, those are some pretty cute rain boots. Combines the best of both worlds!

I think I'm at the point where I don't care what happens to Charlie. He had it and then he blew it all away. Goes to show you the irony of successful life.

Keep up the good writing and keep rocking those boots!

chadlybates said...

I have seen many comments about Charlie Sheen, but I gotta admit this one sounded more intellectual than the other ones I have read.

I have never understood the link between fame and vice. But, I guess the old saying "the man who had everything yet was rich in nothing" applies.

Also, love the boots. I had no idea those were on the market, lol. You should try to wear em more often on here.

Take care darling an keep up the good writing!