Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Poetry With The Stars

While the country holds its collective breath for the outcome of Dancing With The Stars, I offer these shots from Friday night. Jim and Mark are pictured in their reading glory. Both of these writers were fantastic! Of course, I'm pictured with the gorgeous Jodi and Robin, hanging out before the event.

On the verge of Thanksgiving holiday, I find myself grateful for many things, the predictable ones (I'm alive, despite that ruptured appendix/septic shock debacle), friends, love, and ones that are more specific -- I just read Patti Smith's memoir, Just Kids, which is all kinds of genius. That book is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone who has ever wanted to write or create any kind of art would be advised to read it. I'm using the break for the rigors of teaching to organize, to write, and to post some new stuff and create some new cocktails. What are you guys doing? Tell all!


G said...

Well, curteousy of my state guv'ment, I have an extra long weekend (includes an unpaid day) and I plan on sitting my butt down with pen and paper and write a synopsis for finished novel so I can take it to the next level.

I'll probably pull out my hair with tweezers at the same time as well.

the walking man said...

Thanks for the kind words PD. I am going to live through the night and then start another Wednesday which always begins with taking the can to the curb and gets better from there.

Heye ate us sounds like a winner to me if I ever did anything to ate us from.

Tikilee said...

I'll probably eat at ton, then feel guilty about eating so much, then eat and drink to chase away my guilt about eating so much. It's vicious cycle. Happy Thanksgiving.

Heff said...

Looks like you cats had fun.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Jean said...

Looooove the hat, Mark!