Monday, March 15, 2010

The Stars Are Out Tonight

Mother loved to pose my sister and I in the crook of the big tree in the front yard, the one overgrown by oak and brush. You'd have to pick your way through the weeds and rocks to get to the center where you'd sit for the long minutes it took to get the picture. Mother let many snakes out by this tree, the ones she didn't kill and use for decorations, saying that they deserved a good life in nature. The tree sat pretty close to our house and needless to say, I felt as if these creatures might find their way back to our abode where they would try to enjoy the good life in our house.

These tree pictures always had a haunted look, mostly because of the fear of sitting in a place where you couldn't see what was under your feet. The rustling could be anything. I thought of that old Vacation Bible School song about the wise man building his house upon the rock and the foolish man building his house upon the sand. What if you built your house on something you couldn't understand?

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"He sees the city asleep at night/ He sees the stars are out tonight/ And all of it is yours and mine." Iggy Pop

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Charles Gramlich said...

A house built on snakes. Worse than sand. Shifting, and predatory too.

Mark Roy Long said...

is that a club in detroit in that photo or the old bluebird nightclub on south como in fort worth?

Lana Gramlich said...

The end sentences of this post make me think of Cthulhu, for some reason. Now I'm wondering if there are monsters in my crawlspace. *L*
(Ironically, my verification word is "mythosul.")

jodi said...

Hi Babe, My childhouse home was built on an Indian burial ground. We used to find arrowheads and thought there were ghosts. Thanks for the nod, Babygirrrrll.....

Anonymous said...

The Bluebird pic is cool.--Donald Byrd

Anonymous said...

5021 Tireman St. Place has not been the same since you left.

the walking man said...

I understand nothing of any worth which is why I live in a tent.

shea said...

I guess I've always been a bit weary of those that claimed to truly understand that which they built their house upon. The image of the base of that tree and all the unknowns seems much more fitting than either rock or sand.

I am so grateful for your writing.

Ian said...

Are the Stars Out tonight, what a wonderful song, words so full of meaning from the heart and the soul.
where can I send you this Silver Ring from Scotl;and to make the Stars come out tonight.

Ian said...

Are the Stars out tonight, what a wonderful moving song and the lyrics are so touching to that innerheart and soul,
I would love to send you a Silver Ring that I made from Scotland to take in that mystic song of the Stars.