Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Altar Call

Years before I became a Catholic, I attended a hellfire and brimstone Baptist church, the kind with the interminable altar call where we were implored to sing all the verses of "Washed in the Blood" or "The Old Rugged Cross." It was a small church and almost everyone had already been "saved." So the call mainly appealed to people who wished to "rededicate" their lives to Christ. It was a strange process filled with drama and excitement. You never knew who might walk down the aisle.

Four years ago, I did my very first blog post. I started the blog without any preconceptions about direction. It's been a wonderful experience; I've met some lovely people, written about some difficult things, had many laughs. I have had unbelievable support (the near death! Note to readers -- do not let your appendix rupture!). And this year I have finished my first memoir, You Are The Camera. I would have never written this book without the blog. So I take this day to rededicate my commitment to my blog. Next year, more pictures (fashion, fun, weird places), more of my beloved Detroit, more crackpot opinions, stories from the past, observations about the future. Thanks to all of you for reading, always. Without you, this wouldn't exist.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"This hair is from Detroit." "Maybe it ought to go back there." Chris Rock trying to sell hair in his documentary Good Hair

Cocktail Hour
Drink some champagne soon -- spring is here!

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Wednesday!


Heff said...

There for a moment, I thought you were about to shut your blog down !

Anonymous said...

"Without you, this wouldn't exist." Likewise, I'm sure, Michelle. All the best love in the coming blog year(s)!--Associated Press

Anonymous said...

You have altered brilliantly, Michelle, if I may be allowed a pun, my child. God bless you.--Cardinal Spellman

Anonymous said...

I worship at the altar of your blog shrine, Michelle. The one with the skull candles on it.--Teresa the Little Flower

Anonymous said...

I wish you the sacred benefits of communion with your loved ones during this Holy Week, Michelle. And continued success with your blog. You have generously provided countless individuals with the opportunity for self-expression. Bless you.--Archbishop Adam Midol, Cardinal of Detroit(Ret.)

Jason said...

Happy blog birthday!

the walking man said...

Isn't that the beauty of the catholic don't have to run up to the alter in order to have a holy(like) story to tell on your blog.

MIA in Detroit is the beauty of carefree mornings and lazy afternoons of nothing.

Anonymous said...

I shaved my head for you, Michelle. I'm your Mexican chihuahua now.--Iggy Jimenez

Anonymous said...

go on with your funny blog, michelle, i carry one of your many pictures in my pocket. (lol)

you will be always at my website.

today, 1 april is 17 Nisan (jewish calendar), the day Jesus ressurrected from the death.

gr. totally totall

Anonymous said...

hi michelle,

forgotten to say that I was in hospital 1,5 years ago with about the same problem as you had: blood poison.

By the way, I just cannot leave it to put it here: Martin Zender goes back to his catholic roots, as hilarious as always: