Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Stooges

Here's my Ron Asheton memorial shot, 1948-2009. Screw the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for overlooking The Stooges once again. Here's all my Detroit love for Ron -- rest in peace!


Scott said...

Hi Michelle!

Nice tribute! the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is kind of a joke, like the Grammys and such.

Hope your weekend was good...can't wait to read your review of The Wrestler!

the walking man said...

Fuuuuck 'em...Cleveland has always been jealous of Detroit. When I die will you do me a favor and repeat this picture on my obit?

Anonymous said...


Great shot! Another classic!

Also: a commentator at a previous post referred to you as "Dr. Brooks." You have a doctorate degree? What type? When and where did you get it?

And, most importantly, why didn't I have a college professor that looks like you when I was getting my BS?