Monday, January 19, 2009

My Name Is

I like the margins because I feel like they are my true home. My own house has guns, knives, pictures of the broken, symbols of sadness and decay, the beauty and pain of self-destruction. Nobody is ever going to put me on the front page of anything resembling normal and even so I find myself mystified by the parents who named their children Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, and Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell. Okay, you're a Nazi, I get it. It's your right to be. It's your right to say the most awful, hateful, racist words you like. You can decorate your house with swastika and wear red shoelaces on your boots to tell your other little friends who you are. As for the swastika, it used to be a Hopi symbol of love. But really? Aldolf Hitler? Come the hell on. The kids have been removed from the home for domestic abuse issues between the husband and wife (so far as I can tell from the news outlets), not incredibly shocking given the genius couple who claims that the names mean nothing, that they are not racist (of course, they don't believe in "blending the races" -- given the pictures I've seen of them, it looks like they didn't go too far afield in dating -- it's convenient when you can marry a half-sibling or first cousin -- why leave the house for a date?), and that it's a new day where words are just words.

I often heard as a child that I had two ears and one mouth because God wanted me to listen more than I spoke. Not bad advice, given that half the time I open my mouth, I sound like a jackass. It's my right as an adult to do so. Brave American men and women have fought many a war so I could. Many people have spoken up to defend free speech at considerable cost to themselves. Maybe naming your firstborn Adolf Hitler isn't child abuse. I can't imagine that he'll get his ass kicked by all the loving children on the playground -- after all, Lord Of The Flies was just a novel, right? I've never been wild about my name; it's Hebrew and means "Who is like God?" Of course, my parents named me after the Beatles song. Now I'm pretty grateful; tomorrow we have our first African-American president and his wife shares my name. And given what other people name their children, I see how lucky I am.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"A man can't ride your back unless it's bent." Martin Luther King, Jr.

Cocktail Hour
Drinking novel suggestion: Long For This World Michael Byers

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy MLK Day!


Cheri said...

I'll have to remember to NOT consider those names for this baby... hah! Nothing like cursing a child with a bad name. Some examples of horrid names:

Sexture Ragland (yes, Sex Rag)
Willie Johnson III
Richard Johnson
Pukea something-or-another (puke!)
Nicholas Claus

Cheri said...

I should mention that these are names I have come across working at a school.

Heff said...

Happy Happy (even though I'm working).

Anonymous said...

I think that this is the angriest post that you have written so far. And considering your usual topics, that is pretty amazing.

Sardonic detachment suits you better.

On the other hand, the photos are getting sexier, so I can't complain.

chris said...

Nobody is ever going to put me on the front page of anything resembling normal.
Well I would not go as far as to call you abnormal. Sometimes you make me laugh,at other times I wonder just how far out there you are ?
I know a nice person when I meet them,oppinions my differ from time to time but the basic willingness of not wanting to hurt others exist.

The subject of these idiot's childern have been on my mind quite a bit lately. I think our thoughts are the same,you just happen to be much better at writing it. No they are not Nazi names, as stated by the parents on Fox news. I guess the swastika tattoo's on his arms were there just for decoration. Well they could be,but since I have two arms decorated fully with tattoo's and various other locations on the Bod. I do have one that could be viewed as derogotory,maybe that Is why I had it spelled out in Old English writing.It is for me to know what it says,I like to leave people guessing.

At one point in my life I did not like my name Christopher either. It is funny how they grow on us. I once read that Christopher stood for being Christ like,what in the hell happened to me ?
I know the Devil made me do it.
As you know I sometimes have a hard time keeping my mouth shut also and there can be some stupid shit that comes out of there, I do try to mind my P's and Q's though and not be offensive to others.

Well it was a historical election and I can only help to wonder,since we have a Martin Luther King day. Are we going to have a Obama day in the future ? As I said it was and is a hostorical day. My point being,why not reach for the stars ? Since his wife's name is Michelle,maybe just maybe we can have a Michelle day. I could always use another paid day off.

I hope all the healing is going well.We shall head off to Mexico at the end of the month,it is time to heal my lilly white skin with some Sun shine. If you need anything while visiting our dry beautifull state,just drop me a line and let me know.My schedule is pretty flexable.

jodi said...

Hi Babe, I think usually children grow into their given names as long as they are not too far out there. However, these parents are asses and I see the kids legally changing them a.s.a.p. Leave that kind of expression up to the kids, fools. Lookin' good, sista! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Let freedom ring.--MLK

Scott said...

Hey there Michelle!

Nice to read your thoughts again. I haven't haerd about these kids before reading your post...the parents are obviously wastes of skin.

I'm interseted to see what Obama can do...I'm hopeful, but hey, he is a politician, after all. I've always been a pessimistic optomist-I expect the worst, but hope for the best,anyway.

I found out that the word 'Scot', as in one from what is now Scotland, means 'pirate'...I think that's pretty cool. :)

Hope your week is a good one...and, of course, love the pic. :)

laughingwolf said...

nazdarovja, michelle ;)

the walking man said...

From the comments I have read about this couple it is them I doubt will ever make the cover of Normal is Us.

I may be wrong but to me you always seemed fairly normal, more so than most...but then what the hell do I know from normal?

Cheri...ha ha ha ha if your last name was Long...Dick would be the perfect name for a boy child.

Cheri said...

Hahahah Mark!

Anonymous said...

Je m'appelle Inspector Cloud Clueso. Tu regardez plus Pilgrim at Tinker Creek zan zee Michelle Macomb, eh? Tres bon !!! zee "Ceiling or zee Flor" in za Eeowa Revoo.--CC

Shawn said...

Hey Lil Pebbs. Gorgeous photo!!!

Lana Gramlich said...

I've heard all of the kerfuffle about lil' Adolf. How very silly of those parents. How very little they must love their child, to use him as a display-thing for their own beliefs.

Charles Gramlich said...

Yeah, I used to think "Charles" was a pretty boring name. But now I'm just fine with it.