Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Days Full Of Love And Harm

Started this morning watching the brilliant, underrated Bad Santa, a surefire way to prepare for the holiday season, something I find myself dreading more and more each passing year. Wish I could change myself and fall in love with the season, remember loving Jesus and forgetting myself, remember forgiveness and practice gratitude, all the while keeping a sense of humor about everything. And the truth is I do love it or did and like so many things we lose, we seek to recreate it or get bitter about not being able to and that got me thinking about how I used to get five dollars from my parents for gifts for my friends and how thrilled I was, how I budgeted that five dollars to the penny and how expensive and exotic everything looked at the mall and how my friends usually got erasers in the shapes of fruits that smelled like grapes. And how thankful I was for all of it. And how I wish I could have that back.

But I'm going to rally like the great Billy Bob Thornton in his worn Santa suit and stop the pity party any day now, going to count my blessings of which there are many, so many that I'd be hard pressed to know where to start. People who have given me things I didn't know I needed or wanted, the friends that make me laugh and remind me of the past, the people I know who have survived beyond all the odds. The ease in my own life! The days which are full of love and harm and Al Green songs. Living in the most dangerous city in America -- yeah buddy, Detroit beat St. Louis this year. I knew we could do it if we set our mind to it! The cares of yesterday that have been lifted off my back, the promises I have made to God to never forget those answered prayers. Of course, we always do. It's our nature to forget pain, to pretend it doesn't exist, to let our attentions be consumed by other pains, to forget the really awful. But here's the start of the revolution -- to not forget what we have and what burdens have been lifted from our hearts. And if someone offers you a small eraser shaped like a clump of grapes, to accept it like it was the best thing in the whole world and maybe it is.

Michelle's Spell of the Day
“If you can't be content with what you have received, be thankful for what you have escaped.” Author unknown

Cocktail Hour
Southern Recovery Spell (for those who went to the bar last night and are feeling a little worse for the wear)
one package of BC powders
one Dr. Pepper

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Thanksgiving to all! Dear readers, I appreciate your faithfulness this reading year and am sending much love your way. Also, I'm hoping that the Detroit Lions beat the Green Bay Packers into the ground!


eric1313 said...

You know it. Thanks for your continued faith in us, as well.

Sorry that it isn't better deserved. Human only begins to cover the feelings.

Peace out, teach.

Dan said...

Hi Michelle!

I'm not a fan of these holidays much any more either. Mostly because of the losses I suffered last year during this time. But on this Thanksgiving I'm thankful for wonderful cyber friends like you! And I LOVE "Bad Santa". Love Zwigoff's films ("Ghost World" is awesome). And I still listen to Al Green. :)

Gosh I missed you. I'm back. I just couldn't stay from blogging for long. Hugs Michelle.

Emperor Ropi said...

Is the quotation from the Early Middle Ages? It was usual that a lot of unknown artist had made things. They didn't sign his or her works because religious issues.

Charles Gramlich said...

A good lesson in this one.

Whitenoise said...

Although I respect your religious beliefs, I don't share them. So, on the surface, the fact that I celebrate and enjoy the Christmas season may seem a little odd. However, I try to see the season in more humanist terms- spreading good will, sharing good fortune, helping others and enjoying time with my family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!

Mookie said...

YO Shellay

Wut a "BC powda" be foe?
Wut it do??

the walking man said...

If wishes were donuts we'd be all fat as hell. Don't wish; do, even if you have to pretend it at first the pretense will become the reality soon enough.



by the by the day has arrived black shirt, pants back from the cleaners, vest sore spots polished and shoes shined and in a few hours off to Santa land for the event of the year, hope they like my white tie.

Brian in Mpls said...

What the fuck is it with you and the damn I love that movie