Monday, September 14, 2009


Two big deaths today -- Jim Carroll, the author of The Basketball Diaries and Patrick Swayze. I saw Jim Carroll about ten years ago at the Magic Stick in Detroit -- he was wasted and wonderful and exciting and about two hours late. I used his book of poems, Void Of Course, often in teaching. And Patrick Swayze, well anyone my age, was all about the Dirty Dancing. To be honest, I hated the movie when it came out and had to see it twice with my best friend Melissa. Like so much from the past, it grew on me. Farewell to both!


boneman said...

well, farewell to both, but, my attention is more drawn to the color of your hair with two extreme different backgrounds.
This green one quiets down the color (the opposite I had expected) in comparison to the red/magenta of two posts back.
As an artist, this always grabs my eyes and makes me think harder than i had intended.

I'm a guy.
Sometimes I think it would be fun to just sit and NOT think at all for a bit of time.

Still, nice hair, gal.

the walking man said...

It is getting curious now to watch them of similar age to myself drop out of the life of living. See ya fella's keep a spot open on the A train.

Charles Gramlich said...

Well, I gotta go with Roadhouse for my favorite Swayze movie. Liked Red Dawn of course.

Anonymous said...

John Cameron Swayze.--Takes a licking and keeps on ticking(Timex)

jodi said...

Doll, I WANTED to hate "Dirty Dancing" cuz everyone else loved it. But, alas, I too fell for it. xoxo

jodi said...
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