Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Day of Salvation Is At Hand

Simplify your life. Start by killing small things, things you don't really want. Overwater your plants when you get sick of them. Or don't. Don't do anything. Get rid of things you will miss, that you will long to get back. This part is important. Keep a few things, the things you can't do without, that which defines you until nothing defines you. Make sure you leave no stone unturned. Think about all the lost sunglasses, the wallets, the dashed hopes that leave slashes on your heart. Frame it so that you don't feel as if you've lost anything. Tell everyone that you wanted it this way. It's all an illusion, right? Keep telling yourself that it doesn't really matter. And eventually it won't.

Michelle's Spell of the Day

"You've been in prison so long, it's difficult to remember exactly what you did to there." Jack Henry Abbot, In the Belly of the Beast

Salvation for Beginners

50 ml vodka
dash of dry vermouth
garnish with a cocktail onion and a hint of neurosis

Benedictions and Maledictions

Kitty Genovese Lives Here

When Kitty screamed, people heard, turned
on their lights to look. Some stayed in bed,
afraid of the night, imagining a lover’s
quarrel. No one could imagine the worst,
when the killer admitted in court -- Live women
didn’t do it for me anymore. She was alive
when he raped her, just not for very long, but it
must have felt like time had stopped. When I
recognized my rapist underneath his mask
and knew he wouldn’t kill me, I felt relieved
until much later, when I realized I had become
illuminated by a thing people would whisper
about, unable to understand enough to help.


Cindy said...


You framed things very nicely!
Sweet, as always.


Wichita-Lineman said...

Wow, I have to agree with getting rid of things. I can't tell you how many things I've thrown away over the years I wish I hadn't (8 moves in 10 years!!!) But I have to say, longing is good for the heart. We all need to yearn for things, it keeps us in check.

John said...

Dear Michelle,

Brilliant list -- and scary about Kitty; I remember that awful story of no one helping her in her hour of need. You would have saved her, surely; this is the next best thing, I suppose, to remember her.

Sheila said...

if you tell yourself something long enough you begin to believe it. i think that is so true. i need to stop being negative and tell myself what a great writer i am and that everyone will love me... i should just tell myself that everyday and see what happens.. hehe lovely post today michelle!

Anonymous said...

Picture this: Jack Henry Abbot was hell with a knife. His supposed saviour, Norman Mailer, is a nerd, "The Executioner's Song" notwithstanding.

Anonymous said...

Quote of the day:"Oh I have been to Ludlow Fair/And left my necktie god knows where..."--AEH.

robin said...

You're working it, M, shoveling your way along! Just be careful of rationalization. Until we reach the taproot, the weeds will grow anew. Keep up the good work, Lady! You're awesome!
Love, R