Friday, July 13, 2012

Obey The Night

Hello Everyone -- happy Friday the 13th!

"The night is upon us. And it is wise to obey the night." Homer

News update -- I have a new chapbook coming out titled "In Case of an Actual Emergency." I'll give you details as soon as I have them. As for the latest news, well, I have been working on figuring out how to write a novel which has consumed all my time. I've written stories, poems, essays, and even a novella, but a novel is a different beast. It takes all my feeble concentration to bring it together which has required a virtual detox from all distraction. There's something to be said for getting quiet and the renewing of one's mind. Not to sound too motivational speakerish -- I have a friend who refers to that type of work as "sunshine enemas" which cracks me up despite the fact that I enjoy that type of thing from time to time. Anyway, stay out of trouble on this eerie day!


Charles Gramlich said...

Been awhile since I've done a novel. I hope I haven't forgotten how. Congrats on all the progress on writing you've been making, though!

the walking man said...

err uhh ifyou enjoy sunshine enema's the you must really be bummed (get it?) that you have no prostrate.

the walking man said...

why have word verification and that like having a redundant back up system on an Apollo space mission or is it just a PD thingy?

the walking man said...

Dust something Off or I'll post Bukowski's "so you want to be a writer?"