Monday, December 19, 2011

Hi Everyone -- Back In Black And White!

Hi guys -- I'm having a little trouble with my blog and archiving, permissions and otherwise. Please do not think you, my gentle and lovely readers, are excluded from anything! I'll be back tomorrow with new work. Does anyone have advice for saving old blog posts? I'm trying to condense my copious past to make room for the present . . . please advise!


Anonymous said...

Save everything that had to do with Johnnie Walker Black!--C. Hitchens

the walking man said...

What I was able to do with your blog was highlight the posts Including pictures) and copy them to Word, from there I can make a new file and put all the posts that I saved in it. Then they will all be in a C drive folder. The problem is you have to do the posts and comments separately. Then you can begin to delete from your archives. I looked through blog tech support and couldn't find any other way to do it.

Cheri said...

Very glad! No advice, not good with computer related issues.

Charles Gramlich said...

old blog work? I can't keep up with new blog work. :)

Ginger Mayerson said...

Well, there's a few ways:

1. You could pdf them if you have a pdf reader/writer that will let you. Go to the blog page, press Print, choose the pdf distiller and save the file where you want it.

2. Save as an html file. Go to blog page, press Control S and save as a complete page to save your graphics.

3. You could use the free trial of this and download it as a complete webpage.

Or I could try to make it into an e-book and e-mail it to you. Let me know if you want me to do that.


Anonymous said...

Dear Michelle,
I've been reading your blog for years and am pleased to see that you are back and we are no longer excluded!
I'm not a techie, so my advice would be simple. Keep the old blog as is, but don't add onto it. Set up a new blog (not blogger - wordpress or another would be best). Put all the new posts on the new blog. Put a link to your new blog on the old blog and vice versa. Good luck! Sweeney

Andy said...

If viewing in Microsoft IE, click "File" on the tool bar, select "Save As" from the drop down menu and click the "Save" radio button on the pop-up with a list of locations. You can name the file anything you want or use the default. It works for me. :-)

JR's Thumbprints said...

I like all these suggestions. As for myself, I started a new blog (digital fingerprints) and put all my old posts into it; then I kept posting to the familiar blog (jr's thumbprints). Simple. Unfortunately, all my old posts can no longer be viewed due to legal issues.

Heff said...

Why mess with it at all ???

Breaking News !!!


Oh, that's GOTTA HURT !!

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought. You are already established on blogger by your profile. You should perhaps start another blog under your current profile (it will go onto your list of blogs on the profile page). Perhaps you can even call it Michele's Spells, with the 's' providing enough difference for you to keep what is essentially the same name and use it twice.

Just sign out and then log back in with your same profile and the stuff to create the new blog is right there.

With all the different templates there are out there, I simply prefer blogger over wordpress, which seems too academic and austere to be plain about it.

Then you can set this one up to simply be an archive. There are options to remove the comment page even, or at least block all access to comment but your own.