Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Zombie Apocolypse

For this Tuesday, I start the Halloween month, most sacred of times, with a drink recipe for the infamous Zombie. The last time I had this wicked concotion, I had two and a pounding headache which has kept me from drinking them again. Still, I have the memories (of a kind) of this delicious libation.

1 oz light rum
1/2 oz creme de almond
1 1/2 oz sweet and sour mix
1/2 oz triple sec
1 1/2 oz orange juice
1/2 oz 151 proof rum

Shake all ingredients (except 151 proof rum) with ice and strain into a collins glass over ice cubes. Float the 151 proof rum on top, add a cherry (if desired), and serve.

19% (38 proof)
Serve in: Collins Glass


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the MB 350 SLK has Continental tires!!!!--Parnelli Jones (Don't drink and drive!)

the walking man said...

Much has been explained but personally I think the 151 straight from the neck of the bottle would have been enough to zombify me.

Except I never eat organ meat like brains.

Anonymous said...

Island Bomb:

Collins glass

half filled with ice

Malibu coconut rum filled a little more than half way

top the rest off with red bull (or sugar free redbull to take a little edge off that crap)

maraschino cherries and some cherry juice (1 or 2 spoonfuls for that sunset glow of holy power)