Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seven Mile

In honor of Valentine's weekend, I offer you this picture of Baby Grouchie by Son House's grave. In the words of Son House, Only one kind of blues and that's the blues between a man and a woman in love. Amen, Son House. Preach it! Happy Saturday!


the walking man said...

Detroit is like an elephant graveyard.

I grew up four miles from there and never even knew that cemetery was there. There are so many little (legal)burial places spread all over this town.

If the only blues are between a man and woman in love I guess being gay then would have it's benefits.

jodi said...

MichelleMommy, That Grouchie will use any opportunity to fall in front of the camera for a photo op! Get control of his little furry ass! Also I have yet to thank you for the special package you sent me. I love your book and can read it over and find new thoughts in your work. And Sonny James is the CUTEST little ham! Did he take lessons from baby Grouchie? xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

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