Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Sorry for the brief absence -- life has been relatively busy and all sorts of craziness has ensued. First, I want to congratulate Trent of Pink Is The New Blog. As I watched the new episode of this season's Californication, Pink was featured! Very thrilling! Loved the episode. Hank Moody has returned in his dark glory. Favorite line of the episode -- "It's been a long life." I'll be back later with a longer post -- so far, I'm searching for a direction in writing that will carry me through 2011 or at least until all the 2012 madness, right? Ha! See you soon . . .

Michelle's Spell of the Day
"Faith is like a radar that sees through the fog." Corrie Ten Boom

Cocktail Hour
Movie suggestion: Cyrus (it's out on dvd today)

Benedictions and Maledictions
Happy Tuesday!


Charles Gramlich said...

oh yeah, almost forgot it all ends next year.

the walking man said...

Come to ground yet or are you still flying in front of the television?
Take a left at the first corner go 500 feet and turn right go on with your bad self, that direction is as good as any.

If the world ends next year that really improves my chances of accomplishing my goal of outliving every other person on the planet. hmmmmmmmmm

jodi said...

Michella-Yay for your old pal, Trent! I love the 'spell' today and find it most true. It's just there if you allow it. Cyrus is on ppv, so may catch it this weekend. xo P.S. your ears may be ringin' this afternoon cuz I'm meetin' up with Mark for coffee and gossip! xoxo